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Exciting Workouts to Try in Summer

This is the perfect time of year to take your exercise routine outdoors, even if that just means moving your yoga mat to the backyard. The fresh air, cooling breeze, and soft ground can give you the extra motivation you need to power through that last set, or finish out those last miles.

Studies have shown that exercising outdoors can enhance your enjoyment, but taking your workout to the street or park can also benefit you, physically. From added wind resistance while you’re running to data showing that ankles flex more during outdoor workouts, there is data to show that outside = good when it comes to keeping up your health.

There are so many great ways to be active in the outdoors, you should try challenging yourself to a new activity. If you’re a runner, try trail running! If you’re a walker, try hiking! If you’re a swimmer, try… swimming in a lake instead of a pool!

Outdoor Yoga

This one is the easiest one, so if you’re skeptical about the benefits of outdoor workouts – do yoga. The deep breathing in combination with the sun on your skin will transport you to a peaceful, freeing place which will only improve your yoga practice.

When you’re doing yoga, you want to give your body the best chance to stretch out completely. This means wearing clothing that will allow your body to move freely. Some people select draped, baggy clothing, but if you’re outside, that can easily catch the wind, a branch, or just be generally annoying. A better choice is actually tight clothing. Small shorts or leggings and a fitted top will give you a full range of motion.

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Water Sports

Summer is the perfect time to try water sports for the first time. I’m not talking about getting pulled behind a speedboat, though. I’m talking about the water sports that will actually give you a great workout. Paddleboarding, kayaking, crew… These will all give you the upper body workout of your dreams, all while enjoying the beautiful (and formidable) outdoors.

If you’ve never tried kayaking, you might be afraid you’re going to tip over as soon as you get in. Don’t be scared! Kayaks are designed to stay upright as much as possible. You’re not as big as you think you are, so be confident! Colorado Kayak Supply has everything you need in order to set yourself up with an amazing kayak adventure! Use Colorado Kayak Supply coupons as an extra reason to give it a try! If you’ll save money while doing it, it might be worth it!


Outdoor Zumba classes are like a rave for your body. Loud, pulsing music and throes of people moving in sync makes this workout feel more like a Broadway musical than your typical physical training. Don’t let the fun fool you, though, because by the end of class you will be dripping in sweat! That’s why finding an outdoor Zumba class is so life-changing. That breeze on your face is a welcome accompaniment to a brutal dance-focused workout. Zumba works your entire body!

People get religious about their Zumba classes. Suiting up in Zumba gear, carrying a Zumba water bottle, and topping it all off with a Zumba workout bag. In my opinion, if you want to up your Zumba or dance class game, shop where the dancers do! At Danzia, you can take 15% off of your purchase with discounts of professional dance gear. Next time you show up to Zumba, you’re going to feel like a professional!

What’s your favorite way to use the outdoors as your gym? Leave your favorite summertime workout in the comments!