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Experiencing The Amazing New Windows 8

With the announcement of those powerful tablets and operating systems that run on the new touch technology, Microsoft had to do something, in order to stay on the top. Although it had announced its own line of smart phones with Windows Mobile OS, this was a great starting point for them.

They have improved their concept for reliable touch technology and have revealed the new Windows 8 OS, for tablets and desktops that are touch capable. I have recently upgraded to Windows 8 for just $39.99, following the promotion I have seen. I tested the new OS, and I will definitely recommend it to everyone. If you ever decide to install Windows 8 of your PC, be prepared to experience the ride of your life.

Installing Windows 8

Well folks, because of the fact that I am a Windows user, since the beginning of my professional experience, and know how it is hard to install Windows sometimes, installing the 8 was definitely the easiest thing to do. I didn’t believe my eyes. Just answer those 20 questions, until Windows is deleting your drive, enter the product key and the next thing that will appear is one blank screen. On this screen you will stay informed and keep track on everything that is happening with your computer.

After this, just enter your computers name and validate the Windows Live ID settings. Prepare for the drive when you see “Your PC will be ready in just a moment”.

As overall conclusion, this is the fastest and not at all annoying OS that I have ever installed. Before you install Windows 8 on your machine, I would advise you to first check with the manufacturer about the technical requirements that must be fulfilled. Without these requirements like RAM, free space on the hard drive and the power of the processor, the computer will not respond on the demands, and the final result would be disappointing.

Experiencing Windows 8

Windows 8

The first thing that you will notice is the Metro, which is actually the tiled box screen that pops up when the PC starts. To be honest I like Metro and think that it is great improvement, once you get used to it, which will be very quickly. It is handy and neat, and actually everything you need is only a slide away. Actually this design of the user interface was adapted and edited from the initial concept of Windows Phone.

The Start button which was placed in the lower left side of the screen is not included in this edition. This interface is easily customized with colourful backgrounds. When you slide to the right of the screen, you will notice the Charms bar. This bar is placed vertical and contains the most important tasks that by Microsoft’s experience are mostly used by all people. On the Search charm you can type any text or part of text, and the PC will search for matching results of any kind.

The second charm called Share actually is intended to share information between applications. The third charm is the Device charm, and is used to send information and content to other devices. With the Settings charm the user can actually modify the settings of any hardware or software component installed and used in the PC. Even if Windows 8 is used with mouse and keyboard, Charms will still be available.

There are these stylish apps that are installed and come within the initial version. These applications deserve great attention, and are the ones that I must describe firstly.

We all know that Microsoft is the pioneer and ultimate leader in IT industry. All that wears Microsoft logo is made precisely and with high quality. The built in apps are just one example for that. Syncing all your data from Gmail, Hotmail, or email account from other providers is done easily and hassle free. The People and calendar application are here to help users organize their contacts, tasks and appointments.

The best thing about Windows 8 besides the Mail application is IE10, which is fully rewritten in HTML 5 and offers every user maximum security while browsing on the Internet. SkyDrive is the online storage system where the user can easily upload and share all of its precious files. Besides these there are also other built in applications like Messaging, Camera, Games, Photos, Games, Music, Bing Apps and Video. The list doesn’t end here, and the choice is quite big if you browse through the Windows Store. The number of applications for Windows devices is increasing every day.

In the new Windows 8, there is this Multi Monitor support that you definitely must try. Just have in mind that the screens must be calibrated if you don’t want to cause any inconsistencies during work.

The one big mistake that Microsoft always had is resolved in this edition. They successfully implemented anti malware and spyware software into Windows 8. It was formerly called Security Essentials, but it changed the name and is called Windows Defender. With this application every file is scanned thoroughly during transfer to or from another media. The file transfer could be paused or stopped totally.

I ran onto this powerful feature for system restore that really caught my attention. Here it is called “Refresh your PC” and actually it copies all your data from the hard drive and reinstalls Windows. The other option called “Remove everything” actually deletes everything on your drive and installs a fresh and clean copy of Windows 8.

The proposal

Windows 8 is the operating system that will again take over the first place. Although upgrading to Windows 8 from previous version will cost only $39.99, this will be the smartest investment you will make. It wouldn’t take a lot of your time to get familiar with Windows 8, so I would recommend it to everyone that is ready for a new experience. This operating system doesn’t consume a lot of energy and doesn’t slow down your system, unlike other operating systems.