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Fall Bargains: The Best Things to Buy in November

November is a bargain hunters delight. As the deadline to Christmas Day approaches everything seems to go on sale. On Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday many items will drop to new record lows. If you are in the market for a new grill or lawn mower then this is your month to buy. What other items are deeply discounted and what are the best November bargains? Check out the list below.


The weather is often still warm in September and October and some stores will wait to slash their prices on grills until the cold weather moves in. Stores will typically move these big items off the showroom floor by early November to make way for large Christmas displays. Selections will be limited, but if you don’t have a particular make and model in mind you can find some amazing discounts this time of year.

Lawn Mowers

Lawn mower prices typically follow a standard pattern of supply and demand. While grills can be used year round, most folks simply have no need for a lawn mower this time of year. Stores don’t want to waste valuable floor space on items consumers are unlikely to buy, so they reduce their prices to get rid of excess inventory. If you are in the market for a new lawn mower this is the perfect time to buy.

Sporting Equipment and Swim Gear

While swim wear typically drops in price in September there are some ridiculous bargains to be found on the clothing racks and sporting goods areas of many stores right now. Again the selection may be limited, but this time of year you can find puddle jumpers, swimsuits, floats and children’s sprinklers on sale for up to 90% off. If you have ample storage space go ahead and buy a few suits that will fit your kids next year.

Anything Halloween Related

Are your kids rather flexible about their Halloween costume choices? If so visit Halloween costume shops and big box stores a few days after the holiday. Prices are often slashed to quickly clear the shelves for Thanksgiving and Christmas related items. If you can find a child’s costume in the next size up, buy it and you’ll be all set to go for next Halloween. This is also a great time to buy Halloween decor. And, of course, if  you love sweets, November is most definitely the month to stock up on candy. All of those Halloween treats will be deeply discounted as stores clear their shelves of the unwanted leftovers.

Computers & Televisions

Did you hold off on the purchase of a new computer this back-to-school season? If so, Black Friday is the best time to find bargains on desktops, laptops and touch pads. You can typically find the cheapest prices as part of Black Friday door buster deals. The same can be said for televisions, which often reach record lows on the day after Thanksgiving. If you want to purchase a new computer or television you might need to wait in line as stores typically sell a very small quantity at bargain prices and for a very short period of time.

November is the month for bargains. What do you want to buy?