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Fall Recipe Ideas to Warm You Up

As you are all aware by now, Fall is my favorite season. There’s nothing like the cool, crisp air, the beautiful colors, and the joy of the changing season. Another favorite part of fall is that my cooking style changes in the fall. No more searching for dishes to serve when it’s as hot as can be outside. Now, I can pull out my crockpot and start making some of my absolute favorite recipes that warm you up when that first chill hits.

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Now, here are a few of my favorite things to make during the fall that will warm you up from the inside out:

  • Chili – This is a favorite in our house. Even my pickiest kids will eat my chili. (I do not make it spicy – no one in our house likes it spicy.) Actually, my chili is “award winning” after I won my local church’s annual chili cook-off last year. (It happens again this week, and I’m hoping for a repeat win!) 🙂 Chili is super easy to make. I’ll even put it in the crockpot the night before and refrigerate it overnight. The next morning, I turn on the crockpot and let it simmer on low all day long. So easy!
  • Hearty Soups and Chowders – Soups are another great fall meal. You can make any kind of soup, but cream-based soups are a favorite in our house. Cream of potato, cheddar broccoli, acorn squash soup… we love them all. Again, put it in the crockpot in the morning, simmer on low all day, and you’ll come home to dinner that’s already ready.


    • Casseroles – These are a fun way to warm things up. There are endless types of casseroles to make from tater tot casserole to chicken casserole. Pick your favorite ingredients, mix it all together, and whip up a fun, easy casserole for dinner tonight.


  • Pasta – Pasta is always a favorite anyway, but in the fall, pasta becomes a staple. Instead of just the standard spaghetti and meatballs, (which is a good fall dish), I’ll take it one step further and make lasagne or baked rigatoni. That extra cheese melted on top makes it a little more delicious. 🙂

Fall food can be fun. What are some of your favorite things to make in the fall?