Fall TV: What’s back? What’s not? What’s hot?

We love this time of year. Who isn’t ready to cozy up on the couch and watch some amazing TV? Let’s start with what’s returning. We all know that the Gilmore Girls is returning in a highly anticipated reboots. We’re hearing that Rory has been roaming vegabond style for the last eight years! What else is coming your way?

No Tomorrow (CW)


We are so looking forward to this fun romance! It’s actually based on a Brazilian show (so we know there will be drama!). The show follows a straight laced woman and her free-spirited lover who inspires her to make an “apocolyst,” which is just what it sounds like–a list of things to do before the end of the world, which he is sure will be in eight months and twelve days. She’s not sure whether to take him seriously, but they have a seriously zany time completing the bucket list.

Designated Survivor (ABC)

Image result for designated survivor abc

Well, this is a fantasy featuring the government blown to bits, starring none other but Kiefer Sutherland, who plays the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development who becomes President when an act of terror kills everyone else in line. This takes us to somewhat of a dystopian catastrophe situation. The show is getting amazing reviews for it’s  ability to deal with a somewhat over-the-top scenario in a dramatically real and riveting way.

Star (Fox)

Star Promo Title Card.jpg

It’s the Voice and Nashville combined. Fox is coming out with a bang this year with a new series featuring three young singers navigated the music business on a rocky road to what we hope will be success. The show is set is sexy Atlanta and features original music. This has generational icon written all over it.

Scream Queens (Fox)

The girls are back and this time they are in a mental hospital. The cast promises that this season will be zanier than ever. Most of the cast is returning and they have been recruited by their former headmaster to work in her “experimental hospital.” At this hospital, patients are suffering from mysterious, unknown illnesses that are based on real cases! Look for new cast members, including Taylor Lautner and John Stamos!  Indulge in this devlishly fun show!