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Family Fun in the Sun

Summer makes some of the best and most lasting memories. But you don’t have to do Disney Land or an elaborate vacation to bond with your kids. All you need is a little cash, an open mind and an adventurous spirit.

1. Make a water obstacle course in your backyard! Invite the neighbors over set up sprinklers, slip and slides, water guns and everything else Wal-Mart has to offer! Inflatable water slides can be pricey, but worth it to offer hours of fun for years to come.  Make some sandwiches and invite the neighborhood kids over for a some good old fashioned fun! Check out inexpensive water toys and inflatables at Walmart

2. Take a hike! Many states have programs and groups that hike in a different park each weekend. Commit to once every other week–it’s a great opportunity to appreciate nature and get your kids outside. It’s also a great opportunity to get some exercise and investigate nature. Make a game of it and check off sites on your list (a maple leaf, an arrowhead, moss, etc)

3. Check out the library! Many libraries have reading programs for kids in addition to other nature or science programs. Most are free. If it’s a rainy day, take your child to the library and check out games, toys, read alongs, sing alongs and much more. If you’re not sure, makes friends with your local librarian! Make reading a family activity for 15-20 minutes a week when everyone reads quietly.


4. Try Yoga. Make exercise fun with your kids. Try out beach yoga or a formal yoga program with your local YMCA or Parks and Rec. Teaching your kids body awareness is always a good thing.

5. Movie night! Carve out some quiet time like at-home movie night. Take turns picking the movie, put your PJs on and drag your favorite pillows down and stock up on everyone’s favorite munchies.

6. Visit an amusement park. It’s essential summertime fun for the whole family! No matter how old, slushies and cotton candy will take you back to your younger days and provide an outlet for some old fashioned fun. Be sure to buy the coaster pic 🙂