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Father’s Day Gifts for First Time Dads

It takes less than a year to transform from childless man to full-blown Dad, and that can be pretty shocking for a first-timer! Even if it’s not a member of your own biological family, a first-time dad will really appreciate thoughtful Father’s Day gifts – especially from someone who has been in his shoes before.

Every friend of a new parent buys a cute romper for the new baby, or a bottle with their name on it. These gifts are so cliché! When you show up with your incredibly creative and extremely thoughtful gifts, your new-Dad friend will be blown away with gratitude.

A diaper bag is a gift that every new parent will appreciate. No matter what, your baby is going to need diapers. Unless the plan is to never leave the house, a diaper bag is going to become necessary! Remember what I said about that baby industry? Well, the designers have gotten a hold of diaper bags and turned them into adorable, brunch-tote-worthy accessories that look amazing on Dad’s or Mom’s shoulder.

Jujube makes some of the most beautiful, high quality diaper bags around. If you shop at Bambi Baby, you’ll be able to take 5% off site-wide with their intro coupon! Pick up a Jujube diaper bag for your friend who is a new dad and he will never forget it.

Certainly, your friends will have registered their pregnancy someplace predictable like Babies’R’Us or Target, but think outside the box. The baby industry is huge due to, well, the amount of stuff required in order to successfully raise a child. It’s a lot! Don’t forget that those little things grow, too. That means new sizes of everything for more than a decade. Whew!

This bathing set is a cute and very useful gift for a new dad. With the amount of baths that the new baby will have, new parents will need stacks of extra towels and cloths. Every kid loves dinosaurs, so you can’t really go wrong with the print. At Albee Baby, you can use promo codes to save up to 44% on this and other bath sets for the new dad in your life!

If all else fails, the classic, traditional gift for a new father is still a cigar. Whether you want to do blue for a boy and pink for a girl is up to you, but how outdated in that?! With so many cigar options available to use, you have to put some thought into your choice.

At Cheap Little Cigars, you have your pick from thousands of brands and blends. If your buddy is an aficionado, pick up a cigar humidor along with some top shelf cigars. He’s about to receive a lot of cigar gifts! A humidor will be appreciated, and it’s an extremely classy choice. That being said, it doesn’t have to be expensive! Save 30% at Cheap Little Cigars with the latest coupons on select products.

While your friend adjusts to his new life, try to be patient with him. He’s going to act like a crazy person for a few weeks because, well, he’s in charge of a life now! The best thing you can do is be there for him, make sure he has everything he needs, and keep that humidor full!