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Father’s Day Gifts for Procrastinators

Yikes! Father’s Day is two days away. Because we have ourselves procrastinated in the past, we know that hectic feeling when there’s a big holiday coming and you’re still empty handed. Luckily, you can learn from our past experience.

Here are some last-minute Father’s Day gifts that you won’t have to wait to ship in order for dad to enjoy them.

Favorite Restaurant Without the Headache


If you have young kids, going out to eat can be more of a chore than a reward. You have to dress everyone, load them in the car, run back to the house because you forgot the diaper bag full of distractions, and then implement those distractions at the dinner table, crossing your fingers the whole time that they’ll work.

Eat24 is an amazing site that changes all of that. They work with local restaurants who wouldn’t typically deliver to bring food to patrons’ doors. That means you can get your husband his favorite meal from his favorite restaurant without forcing him to face all the stress of taking little ones out to eat. Be sure to get your two bucks off before you order!

IndyCar Racing


One of our favorite places to go for last minute gifts is Gilt City. They have a ton of experiential gifts for everyone, but it’s particularly great for adults.

If you live anywhere in proximity to one of the participating Speedways, which are spread all over the Eastern Coast stretching all the way to the Ohio Valley region, right now there is a special for an IndyCar racing experience in the vein of Mario Andretti for only $65. If dad has a need for speed, boxing up the voucher for him to unwrap for Sunday would be a great gift. Plus, you can get 20%-25% off Gilt City’s already reduced prices when you use promo codes.

Emergency Preparedness Kit


If Dad is a good Boy Scout and likes to be prepared, he’ll appreciate a quality survival kit. Gilt City currently has a sale on Preppi products, which are high quality and over 30% off. This isn’t your grandpa’s survival kit. Sure, it has the basics for first aid, solar blankets and a 72-hour kit, but it also has solar powered phone chargers because this is the 21st century. You can opt to get the quality bag it comes in monogrammed for an additional fee.

This is another acceptable voucher to wrap as it’s the idea behind the gift that’s important. This isn’t a toy he’s going to open up and play with; it will only be needed in the unfortunate event that an emergency pops up, so simply knowing it is on its way is more than good enough.

Make Something


It sounds cheezy, but making something for the dad in your life speaks volumes. Whether it’s a craft made by a four-year-old or a scrapbook full of memories you DIYed as a full-grown woman, those gifts made by those we love have a tendency to pull on our heart strings in the very best of ways. As you’re getting your supplies, be sure to check out promo codes for places like Michael’s to save money on your DIY magic.