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Father’s Day Gifts for the Sports Fan

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Each year, it seems like it’s harder and harder to find the perfect gift to show how much you appreciate dear old dad. Even with so many gift options out there, if dad doesn’t have a hobby or any particular interests, it can make him hard to shop for. If you’re stuck on gift ideas, why not go with a sports themed gift? Just about every guy out there has at least one sports team that they pull for in at least one sport. If you have an idea as to which sport they enjoy, and which team they like to root for, you’ll have an easy time finding a fun gift that they’ll be able to enjoy and will certainly appreciate.

Is dad a golf fan? If he is, you have a wide variety of gifts you can choose from. You could certainly gift dad some new golf apparel. This time of year, guys love to hit the golf course, and could probably use some new golf polos or shorts. Don’t forget about accessories like gloves, sun visors, socks, and shoes, etc. Not every golf fan will be able to spend the lazy days of summer out on the course, though- they might be stuck in their office. Why not give dad a fun miniature golf set that he can tinker with and enjoy during those creative brainstorming breaks at work? You can find great gifts like this and many others at Uncommon Goods, starting at just $9.95.

If dad likes to fish for sport or for a relaxing hobby, consider gifting some new fishing gear. You may not be able to help him obtain the fishing boat of his dreams, but you can help him out by giving him some needed items for fishing. Create a unique gift package with a gift card to Academy Outdoor so dad can stock up on his favorite Magellan Fishing Clothing pieces, starting at just $14.99. Add a few other gifts to the basket, like a few of his favorite bottles of beer, bait and tackle, and maybe even a new reel. If you really want to surprise dad, plan a fishing trip, and take him away for a weekend of nothing but fishing, and spending some quality time together.

Purchase game tickets for dad’s favorite sport, so he can see his favorite team in action (live). It’s so thrilling to attend a game and cheer for your favorite team. You may not be able to keep this kind of gift a surprise. You’ll want to make sure that you check with dad and see if his schedule is clear for the game you’re thinking of taking him to. It’ll be much for fun for the both of you if you go to the game together, rather than just handing over a pair of tickets. Plan to pay for everything- from parking to snacks at the game, and maybe even a meal beforehand or afterward.

A sports team logo gift can be a fun to give to the ultimate sports fan for Father’s Day. Die hard sports fans love to display their love for their favorite teams any chance they get. You could get dad a set of glass tumblers that he can use while he watches the games on TV. If dad is into collecting sports memorabilia, look for unique vintage finds at estate or garage sales. You never know what someone might be willing to part with so that you can gift something that dad will treasure.

Using a little bit of creativity will go a long way when it comes to surprising that sports fan dad that you want to celebrate this Father’s Day.