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Favorite 2017 Wall Calendars

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to start thinking about the new year. Goals, resolutions—and how to keep track of it all.

If you don’t have a 2017 calendar yet, we recommend checking out our top picks from so you can keep track of all the great things you’re going to do in the upcoming year.

2017 Wall Calendars

Wall calendars are especially great for organization over an entire month. This is especially true if you’re scheduling not just for yourself, but an entire household. Here are our fave 2017 wall calendars!

Fantastic Beasts Calendar


If you or your children are die-hard Harry Potter fans, you’ve likely seen the new movie in theaters. While it got mixed reviews, all those awesome magical creatures sure do make for twelve months of visual excitement.

Star Wars Rogue One Calendar


Twenty-sixteen must be the year of prequels. In the last couple of months, we’ve gotten one for both Harry Potter and Star Wars! This wall calendar features scenes and characters out of the new Rogue One movie. Go Resistance!

Game of Thrones Calendar


Who isn’t excited about this series? The calendar features all your favorite characters—Danaerys, Sansa, Jon, Jamie, Tyrion, Arya, Brianne and Melisandre.  We’re not going to lie, though; you’re going to have to have a strong stomach in February, and not just because of Valentine’s Day. Check it out to find out what we mean.

Hyperbole and a Half Calendar


Like your mental health advice with a dose of sarcasm? Be sure to check out Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half calendar. It will follow you through the year as you set goals, fail at them and then torment yourself for it. Not always a happy message, but a true one for so many of us!

2017 Desktop Calendars

If you’re looking for something to keep you on track at work as you’re writing the date and signing fun paperwork, a desktop calendar can be your best friend. We like the peel-away ones that have a different page for each day of the year, complete with trivia fact or adorable picture.

Cats Calendar


There’s a reason cat videos are so huge online—these guys are adorable! If you want 365 days of cuteness, we highly recommend the 365 Cats desktop calendar for the new year.

Jeopardy Calendar


Into trivia? Then the Jeopardy calendar is for you. With a new question each day, you and your coworkers will be able to compare wits. No peeking at tomorrow’s answer!

Words You Should Know to Sound Smart Calendar


Does Jeopardy seem a little bit intimidating? It’s okay. Save it for 2018. But use 2017 to prep with the Words You Should Know to Sound Smart calendar. The great thing is, you won’t just sound smart by using this calendar; you’ll actually be smarter at year’s end just for reviewing a new word every day.

Today is Going to Be a Great Day Calendar


Let’s get real: 2016 was a rough year for oh, so many reasons. Start 2017 off on the right foot with this inspirational calendar that comes with daily words of encouragement and art. You’re likely to find a few pages along the way that you’ll want to save on your bulletin board for when times get tough.