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Online shopping has gradually developed with one of the major stores being Amazon, which is also ranked as the world’s largest retailer. In fact, it is almost impossible to talk about shopping from online stores without mentioning Amazon. The American e-commerce multinational company also manufactures electronic products as well as offer computing services.
Amazon started out as a bookstore that was quite successful as it was able to make sales that surpassed that the then popular brink and mortar bookstores. The name Amazon was arrived at following the desire by the founder to have a name that cam first on the alphabetic order. The name was picked because it meant different and exotic which is what the company hoped to be just like the Amazon River.
Over time, the company diversified its products to include CDs, DVDs, software, MP3 downloads, electronics, video games, furniture, apparel, toys, food and among others. Even then, this online store that had been founded in 1994 did not realize any profits until 2001. The company has since overcome teething challenges and consequently made acquisitions and investments, entered partnerships and even licensed subsidiaries.
Amazon Today's dealsToday some of the products and services that you can purchase from the Amazon stores include;
• Retail goods like books, software, music CDs, baby products, kitchen items, lawn and garden items, toys, jewelry, health and personal items and industrial supplies among others
• Consumer electronics like the e-book reader as well as the now popular Amazon Kindle that is also considered to be Apple’s iPad competitor
• Digital content such as e-book sales that have so far outnumbered the sale of the hard cover books.
• Amazon Prime
• Private labels and exclusive marketing
• Computing services
• Content production
Among the features that make Amazon to stand out from the other online stores is its shipping options and costs. That is, the shipping costs are fixed based on the item that you are purchasing. This means that when you make multiple purchases you will need to pay multiple shipping charges. The rates vary based on the location of the buyer where domestic shipping is cheaper than international chipping. Although the estimated domestic shipping period for is between 4 to 14 days, this could be expedited to a maximum of 6 days. On the other hand the international shipping period takes 3 to six weeks but it may be expedited to just one week.
Amazon Shipping & Delivery

Some of the additional features that have significantly contributed to the popularity of this online store include;
• Product reviews and rating feature
• Content search feature
• Third party sellers
• Copyright protection for the digital content
• Amazon sales rank
• Secured payment system for both buyers and sellers
In summary, Amazon continues to be the most preferred one stop online store because buyers and sellers are guaranteed quality service and a worthwhile experience.