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Featured Store – is one of the many popular retail online stores that have been in existence for over a decade. Initially, this online store specialized in selling electronics and computers before expanding to include the other categories. At its inception, this store’s strategy of penetrating the market was through selling items at reduced prices. The losses incurred would them be made up for from the sale of advertising as well as other services like leasing equipment and warranties.
It was not until 2002 that this online store considered the inclusion of other products thus, expanding their product catalogue. This was preceded by acquisitions by its founder Scot Blum. Ironically, he even went further to welcome the Amazon customers promising that his company was better than Amazon. In fact, this was evident by the introduction of the free shipping services buy the company alongside a ten percent cut on the actual cost of books.
Over time, revamped its site to include third party sellers who would conduct business through as simplified process for both buyers and sellers. The company has since received over one million customer reviews and is rated at 99.7%. Besides, it has also made several acquisitions with the most notable one being the acquisition of Japan’s Rakuten Inc. Perhaps the most interesting offer that has for consumers is the 45 day return policy because most stores have a 30 day return policy.

Some of the products and services that the store deals in today are divided into various categories namely include;
• Computers and office equipment
• Electronics
• Jewelry and watches
• Home and household items
• Health and beauty products
• Books
• Video Games
• Sports
• Toys among others.
The site also has another attractive feature that includes those items whose prices have greatly been discounted. This section that is also referred to as deals includes;
• Daily deals
• Weekly deals
• Merchant malls
• Free shipping deals
• Stores that sell items under $10
• Best bargains

$10 Deals with Free shipping

Shoppers who are looking forward to saving incredibly can take advantage of this section. In terms of shipping, buyers can be able to track their orders online a feature that makes it more secure to do business here. On the other hand the cost of shipping is determined by the shipping speed that you consider being more appropriate for you at check out. Currently, there are four speeds namely one day, budget, two day and standard. In summary, has re-written an number of traditional shipping policies to make online shipping beneficial for the company, third party sellers and of course the consumer.