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Festive Foods for Your Next Fall Get Together

There’s something about fall that makes even amateur bakers want to try their hand at creating yummy treats to share with family and friends. Fall cooking and baking can be a lot of fun, and if you have the proper cook’s tools in your kitchen, you’ll have everything you need to keep the festive foods coming all season long. With Halloween and Thanksgiving just weeks away, it’s fun to look at different recipes and presentation ideas for your seasonal delights. If you’re hosting a gathering or heading to a party, you’ll certainly want to wow others with your culinary expertise.
Cupcakes are a fun dessert to make and have fun decorating. Cupcakes can be decorated with just about anything, and the cake flavors can match the scents of the fall season. A spice cake mix is a delicious choice for fall. You can mix in some applesauce to give it a harvest flavor, and keep the cake extra moist. Cream cheese frosting is a favorite among cupcake lovers. It’s also an easy frosting to decorate with. Add cute decorations like candy corn, apple crumb or walnuts to give your cupcakes a little fall flair and a blast of extra flavor.

When baking during the fall season, it’s really handy to have a good stand mixer, like a Kitchen Aid. The stand mixer will do all of the hard work for you, and will make sure that all of your ingredients are evenly incorporated. Sears is a smart choice for small appliance purchases. You may want to take stock of which small appliances you have, and make a list of the ones you might need or want.


Nothing quite says fall like hot apple pie. The sweet aroma of baked apples and cinnamon signify that fall is in the air, and cooler days are coming. Finding a good pie crust recipe is the foundation for any good pie. Once you’ve chosen your pie crust recipe, you can go on to make all sorts of pies. Fruit pies are popular during the fall. If you harvested and canned any fruit during the summer, you can use those for your pie fillings. Savory pies are an equally delicious treat. Use a pie crust to create a simple quiche, or a hearty pot pie for those cool fall evenings at home. Serve up your pies in a personalized pie plate. Etsy offers all sorts of personalization options for handmade pie plates that you’ll be proud to show off.


Chilis, soups, and stews are great recipes to keep on hand. They’re perfect for weeknight dinners with the family, and they’re great for the weekends, as well. They can be prepped and made ahead of time, and can serve a lot of people. They’re perfect to take to parties or potlucks, as they travel extremely well. Using a dutch oven or a crock pot is a great alternative to a soup tureen. A tureen is a bit more fragile, and may break during transport. Many crock pots now have lids that lock into place, and have handles for easy carrying. Making a big batch of soup is smart, because any leftovers can be frozen for up to several weeks, and enjoyed at a later time. You can use your own blender to make mixes for soups, and then let them simmer for a few hours to let all of the flavors meld together.


Hot dips and spreads are always a hit at any fall gathering. Popular dips include spinach and artichoke dip, which can be served with crackers or pita crisps. Sausage dip is simple to make, and is absolutely delicious when served up with corn chips. For pizza lovers, pizza dip is a treat. Serve it up with breadsticks for a pizzalicious snack! If you don’t have time to make a dip, just serve some good ‘ol fondue. Pair melted cheddar with green apples for a delicious twist on classic fondue.

Are you feeling inspired for fall cooking and baking? Get a recipe plan together, and call up some friends for an impromptu party! Ask everyone to bring their favorite fall dish, and you’ll have an instant success.