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Festive Fourth of July Party Games


Independence Day is all about barbecues and fireworks, patriotism and three-day weekends.  This year, if you’re scratching your head trying to figure out how to entertain your guests in between dinner and the explosive show, try one of these great, Fourth of July themed games. (They’re also great if you’re bored while saving that sweet lawn space for a public fireworks show.)


“Who Am I?” Founding Fathers Edition

“Who Am I?” is a fun party game where everyone writes the name of a famous person on a post-it, passes it to the right face down, and then sticks the new one on their forehead without looking.  Everyone then tries to guess the name on their forehead by asking a series of yes/no questions.  To match the theme of Independence Day, have everyone write down the name of a founding father.  To keep things from getting too easy (or too sexist,) remind people that there were founding mothers, too.  Think Betsy Ross, Martha Washington, and Phillis Wheatley for starters.  Have a great time as people take turns asking, “Did I discover electricity?” (Benjamin Franklin,) “Did I have hippopotamus ivory for teeth?” (George Washington,) or “Was I an apprentice to an upholsterer?” (Betsy Ross.)

Corn Hole

There are few games as simple or as entertaining as corn hole.  You have two boards, elevated at a slight angle, with a hole in the top of each one.  Each team has four beanbags each, and they take turns trying to get them in the hole.  After all the bags have been tossed, you tally up the points.  Any beanbags that made it in are worth three points.  Any beanbags that are on the board are worth one. Any that hit the ground are worth zero.  There are also house rules for fouls and special scoring, but these are the basics. You can either make your own boards or order some really spiffy ones from someplace like Wayfair.

Patriotic Bingo

Bingo is another party classic, and you can turn it patriotic by printing out some pre-made, free printables, like these.  You can change the prizes depending on who’s in your crowd.  If you have a bunch of kids over, the prize can be something like a piece of candy.  Playing over and over again in pursuit of a prize like that will keep them occupied for hours.  If it’s an all adult party, the prize could be something like a specialty craft beer, or a gag prize like an Uncle Sam hat from the dollar store.

American History Trivia Competition

This one takes a little bit of preparation, but can be a ton of fun and very revealing.  Before the party, look up some American History Trivia questions.  Print out four separate and unique lists.  At the party, get everyone into four teams.  Take turns asking questions, and award the team who answers correctly first a point.  Whichever team has the most points after all of the questions are read is the victor!

We hope these games help make your holiday gathering extra fun.  Stay safe, and enjoy the festivities!