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Find Higher Quality Flip Flops at These 3 Stores

Everyone’s experienced this summer saga: you make beach plans with your friends and get ready to head out the door when you realize… You don’t have any flip flops! Not a single pair of thong sandals to be found! Why? Because you only buy summer flip flops that last through the season then fall apart, right? The cheapest flip flops in town always end up disintegrating as soon as the next summer season rolls around.


Well, not today, my friends! Today, we are upgrading our sandals to some high quality flip flops. No more buying disposable clothing. We’re going to find some flip flops that will last you this summer and the next. (And hopefully the next and the next and the next!) Put back those bargain bin flip flops and sit down, because you’re about to learn how to reduce your shoe turnover (and waste!) with this flip flop cheat sheet.





Worried about the price? Don’t be! There is always a way to save money when you’re shopping online with online coupons! Here are the three best places to find high quality flip flops online:

Havaianas Organic Slim in Silver Dahlia


These are the most classic looking, well-made flip flop sandals. Made in Brazil by this now-legendary company, Havaianas are the favorite of the chic fashion crowd as well as the athletes and minimalists. It’s truly a flip flop for everyone!

Whether you like thicker straps or thinner, colorful or plain, patterned or solid – you can choose it all. Havaianas will also let you create your own custom sandals. And usually, they’re pretty cheap! Unless, of course, you opt for some of their Swarovski crystal options… In which case you’ll want these Havaianas promo codes to help you bring the price down! But, as usual – the sparkle is worth it.


Frye Madison Braid Sling Thong Sandals in Burnt Red


If you’re looking for something that combines great style with excellent quality without the huge price tag, check 6pm. Big name brands fill the shelves at 6pm, but the best part is that everything is always discounted! Flip flop sandals from Michael Kors, Nine West, and the time-tested favorite, Frye are just some of the trustworthy brands you’ll be able to choose from.

As if the discounts weren’t enough reason to shop there, you can save up to 70% off with coupons Bonus points if you catch them during one of their amazing clearance sales.

Sanuk Yoga Sling Flip Flops

Sportsman’s Warehouse

Think about it – sandals from one of the leading outdoor retailers are designed to take a beating. Imagine if you were simply wearing them and not rock climbing or hiking or fishing! Here you’ll find flip flop sandals made from real leather with thick stitching. No, they’re not fashion sandals by a long shot, but if you’re looking for something to keep your feet off of the ground for years to come, definitely check out the sandals at Sportsman’s Warehouse! If you fall in love with a pair, apply one of our Sportsmans Warehouse coupons to save!

If you have a love for sandals, share it! Where do you find the best flip flops and thong sandals?