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Finding the Perfect Beach Cover Up

You spent days searching for a swimsuit that will make you look good from any angle. You pack your beach bag; grab all of your vital necessities like sunscreen, a wide brimmed hat, a good book and oversized beach towels. You are about to step out when a friend calls to invite you to dinner later this evening. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could leave the beach and head straight to the restaurant without coming home to change?

Find the right swimsuit cover-up and that’s exactly what you can do. Some cover-ups can be worn on the beach at noon and out on the town later that same day. Wouldn’t it be great to find a cover-up that looks just as good at a restaurant as it does pool side?Beach cover up

Here are a few cover-up ideas that will enable you to seamlessly transition from daytime to evening.

Long Shirts

This flutter sleeve cover-up from Venus can be worn off one shoulder, off both shoulders, belted or loose. On the beach you can throw this over your swimsuit. After hours you can pair this with leggings or a pair of worn blue jeans.org_7

This boyfriend shirt is another great option. You can buy your own version of this gingham shirt from Tommy Bahama or simply borrow a shirt from your husband or boyfriend. Match this shirt with a cute skirt, button it up and you’ll be all set for the evening.Boyfriend Shirt


This Venus seamless bandeau cover-up is light, airy and perfect for the beach. It can be worn as a dress after hours or as a skirt if you prefer.beach cover up

Flattering for Every Body Type

Are you looking for a dress that can flatter almost any figure? Look no further than this halter dress from Tara Grinna Swimwear. It’s made from delicate Italian fabrics and comes in a variety of bright colors including this beautiful floral print reminiscent of the sea. This dress is so pretty and delicate you might not want to get it sandy.Halter Dress

Options for Cool Evenings

While the mid-day sun can be quite brutal don’t forget that early evenings at the beach can feel quite cool. Once the sun starts to set the temperature can change quite quickly. If you intend to spend the evening at the beach or leave the beach and head straight for dinner you might need a little something to keep you warm. This variegated beach sweater with side zippers from Tommy Bahama might be the perfect choice. This is another piece of clothing that could perform double duties in your wardrobe. If you aren’t beach bound simply pair it with a cami and leggings.Sweater Cover Up

The key is to find something comfy, cozy and versatile. Why keep something so cute in your closet when you can wear it all year? Look for styles that can be paired with jeans or leggings and worn on any day; even days when you aren’t sitting poolside.