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Five Best Android Tablet Apps for Kids

Having replaced traditional children’s books and TV, tablets and phones become kids’ new best buddies. So it is of great vital to find high-quality and certified safe apps for your children. A widely-agreed kids app will help your little ones in every way. Here we select five best Android tablet apps for kids which are both entertaining and instructive.

Five Best Android Tablet Apps for Kids:

  • AniWorld Lite

Let your kid know that there are various lovely animals living with us. And they’re our good friends. AniWorld is one of the best android apps for toddlers (aged one to five) helping your kid get to know and understand animals and their natural environment in a fun and interactive way. In the game, you can see the habitat of the animal raised, and where you can feed your animal and pet it. Your kid have to choose the suitable one from three food types. And when your kid pet the animal it will gargling and make fun animal sounds and comedy look. The kid would see the animal grows from a baby to an adult animal. The droid app teaches your kids how to love and care others, and how to adapt to new changes.

  • World of Goo

All children love games, but choosing content-appropriate game app for them is important and careful. World of Goo is a fantastic kid Android tablet app that won wide awards and recognition from IGN, Game Developers Choice Awards, GameTunnel and more. You can find it creative, funny and greatly beneficial to intelligence. Your kids will meet difficulties, and they have to learn to analyze each situation to solve kinds of game puzzles.

  • iStoryBooks

With iStoryBooks you don’t need to buy your kid story books very often. The free kids Android app includes a deluge of story books of all types – fairy tales, animal story, folk stories, bedtime stories, toddler books, educational books and children’s Ramayana books. You can read to your kids before bedtime, or let them learn and enjoy these stories themselves. All these are with interesting pictures and audio. If you find one book educational and so funny you can add it to kid’s library, or remove one that you feel is not suitable to your little one. The app is definitely one of the best Android tablet apps for kids. It will be updated with new books every 2 weeks.

  • Math Tablet for Kids

It is better to let your kid gain the ability to logically and systematically, with good time management at an early age. This math Android tablet app for kids is designed for children aged 6 to 8, focusing on teaching children times tables, mental reasoning and numeracy skills. Your kids will love the app for it is entertaining and will make them relaxed though it is an educational game. Your little ones can challenge themselves with different levels of times tables, number challenges, number chains, mental reasoning, and testing.

  • PicsArt for Kids

PicsArt for Kids is ideally suited for kids who are fond of drawing. It is a free Android tablet app for toddlers, with which your kid can draw on empty scenes, color with cartoon dinosaurs, rabbits, bees, fishes, and princesses, and learn to use simple shapes to complete an animal or other.

These best Android apps for kids 2014 are head starts in reading, math, reading, and intellectual development. Play the apps and enjoy joyous hour with your little ones together.

find the content-appropriate apps for their child.