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Five Common Fashion Mistakes Men Make


1. The Ill-Fitted suit

A few rules of thumb: Your pants should only hit the top of your shoe. They should NOT be puddling over the laces. Do not cuff them and avoid pants with pleats. At all costs. The seems shoulders of your blazer should not go past your shoulders. Conversely, if you cannot cross your arms over your chest without hearing a tear, your blazer is too small.

2. A Too-Small T-Shirt

Cotton shrinks. When you buy your favorite tee, consider this, especially if it’s mid-level quality (i.e. The Gap or Old Navy). The more expensive, the higher quality the cotton, the less likely it is too shrink. The beefy look isn’t in and the worst consequence of too short is one that rides up in the back. Don’t be that guy.  If you’re a guy who lives in his t-shirts, ante up because fit does matter and the right tee can take you anywhere.

3. The Deep V

Unless you are starring in a reboot of Jersey Shore, or in a boy band this is not okay. Button up.

4. Over Accessorizing or Choosing the Wrong Accessories

If you’re a man, choose wisely. A pocket square, a bow tie, or if you’re brave, a scarf is enough. You aren’t Johnny Depp. If you’re going with a tie, do it right. Skinny ties starting to make a come back, but kind of failed. The skinny tie is not masculine and ends up looking like a ribbon hanging from the collar. Rather, we love a bold tie in the classic thick, Winsdor knot.

5. The Wrong Jeans

Jeans have gone back to the sturdy traditional cut and style. We know it’s cool to look like you don’t care, but the frayed, completely destructed look is over. And so is the strongly contrasting blues/light blues that is meant to indicate the most unnatural fading. And most likely, you are not a rock star so none of this has ever worked for you. The boot cut is another thing of the past. The boot cut jean ends up looking feminine and guess what–even women have forgone the boot cut in favor of other styles.