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Five Fun Activities for Your Labor Day Picnic


As the summer winds down, everyone looks forward to one last break and last hurrah. Labor Day is upon us, and while for some it is a day of rest and relaxation, for others it’s a day for family fun. Many families have Labor Day traditions, including cookouts, picnics and time for games. Don’t have any big plans? Don’t sweat it! Whether you’re spending the day relaxing at home with the kids, or you’re planning a fun blow-out with friends and family, here are a few ideas for games to make it a day to remember.


Hula-hoops are super versatile! Gather up the kids (and the grown ups, too), and challenge them to a hula contest. Hula hoops are a fun way to get in some exercise and test your skills! Have the gang practice swirling the hula hoops around their hips and see who can keep it from falling the longest! You can also play skip with hula hoops, or get really creative and set up a fun obstacle course or relay race with the hula hoops. Hula hoops also make great make-shift targets for lawn darts, and bases for kickball! Another favorite game is to make a circle and hold hands, passing the hula hoop over each person without letting go! It’s definitely a fun challenge that all ages will enjoy.

Cornhole is another fun game that can be enjoyed by all ages. Similar to a bean bag toss, weighted bags are tossed across wooden boards that lie propped up on the ground. The goal is to get the bag into the hole. Cornhole sets are available in many different sizes- there are sets for kids, as well as large sets for adults. Cornhole sets can be customized to display a favorite sports team, motto, or photo. Older kids and adults might enjoy a cornhole tournament. Select a store gift card to offer as a prize to the winner to sweeten the pot a little!


Geocaching has gained popularity in recent years. It’s a great way to put your mind to work, get a little exercise, and have fun with the family. If you’re planning a Labor Day picnic, why not incorporate a little geocaching? You can purchase a set like the Geomate Jr. Geocaching Hide It Starter Set, and have your own geocaching adventure in your own backyard! Little ones might not be too interested in geocaching, however. This activity would be best offered to elementary aged kids and adults. You can find a geocaching starter set at Sportsmans Warehouse.

Get creative and craft an outdoor bowling set. Gather up the kids and the crafty adults and make this fun game at an outdoor craft table. Use large paper towel tubes as the pins. Have each child decorate their own pin with construction paper, markers, stickers, glitter, pom-poms, or other fun embellishments. Number each pin, and set them in the sun to completely dry before using. Once dry, find a flat spot in the yard or driveway, and use a small ball or soccer ball as the bowling ball. If you have enough paper towel rolls, you can create more than one set for tons of outdoor bowling fun!


Another fun game that kids and adults will love is Giant Jenga. You might remember Jenga from your childhood. Well, now it’s back and better than ever- not to mention larger than life! You can easily create your own set by using wooden blocks. Paint or color the ends of the blocks with markers to make them visually appealing. This game is not only fun, it will test your skills. Set the game up in a central location and get a round going, or leave it set up for others to play with through out the day. It’s definitely a new twist on a traditional picnic game that’ll have you wishing every weekend was Labor Day Weekend!