Five Fun Things to Do in Orlando

If a trip to Orlando is on your family’s summer bucket list, there’s still plenty of time to make it happen before the start of the new school year. Many people think that a trip to Orlando is a huge expense that has to be saved for to make such a vacation a possibility. While there are definitely some pricey activities and attractions in and around Orlando, there are tons of great day trips, theme parks, and other places to visit that don’t necessarily have to wind up breaking the bank. It’s all about how you plan, and prioritize the things you really want to see and do. One of the best ways to plan your Orlando vacation, is to stop by the Visitor’s Center, if you’re able to. You’ll find tons of information on attractions, and you might even score some discounts, too!

Make a decision about Disney World right off the bat. It is possible to enjoy Disney in just one day. If Disney World is at the top of your family’s list of places to visit in Orlando, then go ahead and make the decision to spend a day at the Disney Parks. One of the best things to do is stay off-site, and then take a shuttle from your hotel to Walt Disney World. Purchasing park tickets in advance will help you save money. You can even get a 4-Park Magic Ticket, which will grant you same day access to all four Disney Parks (Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot) for $79.00 per ticket. Plan to start out at Animal Kingdom, and then work your way through any of the other parks you may want to visit through out the day. This might be easier to handle if you have older children who don’t mind doing a lot of walking through the different parks. Disney World is an experience you’ll want to be able to share with your family at least once, if not again and again.

Universal Studios is a popular Orlando destination for families. Universal Orlando includes three theme parks, and you can see all three parks, and save up to $100.00. Universal parks are perfect for fans of movies like Despicable Me, Harry Potter, etc. You may have to choose between Universal and Dinsey Parks- as your kids might not be able to handle so many big parks, filled with excitement and attractions, too many days in a row. It’s a good idea to take breaks in between big park visits, and plan other activities that are a bit slower paced and hands on. This will give everyone a break from the business of the large parks.

If your family is interested in marine life, such as whales and dolphins, check out Sea World Orlando. The park is filled with gorgeous live displays of mammals you could only dream of seeing up close. Catch daily shows, and enjoy all of the thrills of the park, such as theme park rides, attractions, and more. Kids will love exploring and learning about the majestic mammals of the sea. Be sure to take advantage of the Bring a Friend to Sea World for Free deal while it lasts!

LEGOLAND Florida isn’t exactly in Orlando, but it’s close enough that you’ll want to make a day trip to Winter Haven and enjoy a day at the park. LEGOLAND is a LEGO themed park, filled with exciting rides, attractions, shows, and more. There are hundreds of LEGO displays to have your photo taken with, experiences to enjoy, such at the newly opened LEGO NINJAGO World, and even areas for toddlers to enjoy, like DUPLO Valley. There is plenty of good food through out the park, and one of the biggest LEGO stores you’ll ever set foot in. Get a free child ticket with a full paying adult ticket at LEGOLAND, and get more for your money!

If your kids love to create, head to the Crayola Experience in Orlando. Tied to the Orlando Mall, the Crayola Experience will give your kids the opportunity to put their creativity to use. Kids can create their own art, explore how crayons are made at the Crayola Factory, enjoy time in the play areas, and more!

A trip to Orlando doesn’t have to break the bank. Make easrly decisions about the parks and attractions you want to visit most, and take advantage of promo deals and coupons to save on park tickets. That way, you’ll save money and get to do more fun things that you ever imagined possible.