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Five Gift Card Ideas for Dad

Oops! You forgot a gift! Don’t worry. We have plenty of ideas for dad that you can purchase in a snap…gift cards are the go-to for every occasion and Father’s Day is no exception! Here are just a few ideas that any dad is sure to love.

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Omaha Steaks Gift Card

We are obsessed with Omaha Steaks. Let dad build his next dinner (or two) by choosing from steaks, hot dogs, burgers and more. We know what you’re thinking–dad can get a hot dog and burger at the grocery store…but not these. These are gourmet franks and only the highest quality Angus beef. Get cool dad-friendly recipes and side dishes to boot. Plus, there’s always a deal!

Prime Rib Slices

A Pedicure

Ok, before you say no, hear us out. Men have no idea what they’re missing out on. And as much as they might resist it, they’re going to be hooked once they go for it. Be encouraging and do it together if this gift if for your husband! It’s a summer treat!


A Lowe’s Gift Card

Ok, this could be like giving mom a vacuum cleaner, but if dad is handy, give him carte blanche to find his next project that might remain unfinished if history is any indicator, but we’re not going to talk about that now. If Lowe’s doesn’t work, what does he like to do? Does he do triathalon’s? Investigate your bank account to find out what his favorite bike store is. Do your research. If dad loves golf, get him a gift card to Sports Authority rather than try to figure out the right thing to buy. 


Find an Adventure

This could be rock climbing, sky diving, or indy car racing. Get creative and see if you can spot a local adventure. Purchase a Groupon or gift card and actually do it WITH dad, whether it’s your husband or dad. It might be a family trip or just the two of you. If you buy the gift card, it will encourage dad to cross something off his bucket list. Now THAT’S memorable!

His Favorite Store (or yours)

Does dad really need some clothes? Maybe dad doesn’t like to shop, but you know he could really use a wardrobe update. Instead of shopping for him, shop with him. Buy the gift card in advance so you have to go, and go together. This will save you time and energy buying things you will probably end up returning. We love GAP for basics for men of any age.