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Five Simple Back to School Looks for Boys

Back to school shopping can be a lot of fun, whether you have boys or girls to shop for. A lot of parents think that it’s a little bit more fun to shop for girls, since they have a lot of fun looks and accessories, but with today’s fashion trends, shopping for boys can be just as fun. Boys fashion can be preppy, edgy, hipster, athletic or casual, and doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Here are five simple looks for boys that won’t break the bank.
The Prepster- Dressing a young man or little boy in a preppy outfit is a great idea for those wanting their kids to make a great first impression. The look is on trend for little boys, as well as teens. Go with a khaki pant or short, a button up shirt, and pair it with a vest, a blazer, or a sweater. Add a coordinating tie to complete the look. Other preppy clothing choices are rugby shirts, puffer vests, boat shoes, and crew neck tees. For truly dapper dudes, go with seersucker and a polo shirt. Check out Vineyard Vines for preppy back to school looks.

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The Surfer- Guys who prefer a beachy look will find lots of cool threads at Hollister Co. Brightly colored shorts paired with t-shirts and a ball cap are a popular look for young men. Don’t forget the layers. The fall season is notorious for providing chilly mornings and hot afternoons. Warm up with a hooded sweatshirt and jeans. The sweatshirt can be ditched during the day for a cool afternoon look. Hollister Co. tees are a teen staple for the back to school wardrobe. Snag them in different colors to match with shorts and pants all year long.

The Athlete- For boys who like to keep it super casual,  the sporty look is the way to go. Have a favorite sports team? Why not put them on display? Select t-shirts and jerseys with favorite team logos and players’ numbers. These types of shirts may not be able to be worn all of the time, depending on the school’s dress code. Often times students are encouraged to wear ‘spirit wear’ on game days or sometimes on Fridays. Check with your school to be sure. Sports themed tees can range from pro teams to college or hometown sports teams, and can be paired with jeans, pants or shorts for an easy back to school style.


Edgy Style- If your boy tends to lean more toward an edgy style, you’re in luck! Edgy can mean a lot of things and incorporate a lot of different styles from skater boy and rocker to poetic. Help your child dress in a way that reflects their personality and their interests. Skinny pants are a good place to start, whether they’re leggings for the little dudes or jeans for the older kids. Oversized shirts or tighter fitting shirts can work with an edgy look. Black on black or black and white is a popular choice. Add in color when choosing accessories. Pair with Converse sneakers, and an accessory like a scarf or a hat for a complete look.

Casual Style- It’s easy to achieve a casual look for boys. Casual style is what’s comfortable to wear. Go with shorts or slacks that are comfortable to be in all day- nothing that’s too tight-fitting or too baggy. You might choose to add a belt to the look. A casual shirt style is a simple t-shirt or polo shirt. Even a dressier style like a button-down shirt can be worn very casually. When it gets cool outside, add a fleece jacket or a puffy vest. Complete the look with a pair of casual sandals, sneakers or boots.

Boys have a lot of options when it comes to choosing looks for school. Even if your child has to wear a school uniform, there are lots of ways to get creative and add a little bit of their personal style to their outfit. Always check your school’s dress code policy before doing any back to school clothes shopping each year.