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Five Ways to Get Happy

It’s the middle of winter. The holidays are long gone and there is little left to look forward to. It seems like spring is a million months away. If you’re finding yourself in the doldrums, here are a few ways to pick yourself up without self-medicating.

1. Exercise

If you’re able to tolerate the cold, get out there. Put on your headphones and get walking. You don’t need to have any goals except for moving your body. If you have the means, join the gym and go just a few times a week. Go when you can. Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself, except to feel better. Movement and exercise release seratonin, which affects your moods. If you can’t get outside, or go to the gym, do these simple movements without weights (You don’t need them! Body workouts are effective): squats, lunges and push ups. To create a challenge, take at least forty seconds for each major movement. Or, twenty seconds down, pulse, and twenty seconds up. A short workout will having you feel a burn and keep your heart moving.


We love the adult coloring book trend. Get something goofy, fantasy like, or intricate. Time will fly and you can literally concentrate on nothing except staying in the lines. It does work and its a low cost way to reduce stress. There are variations of this, like jewelry making, or Lego building. Find something simple to keep your brain occupied.

3. Pray

Sound silly? Try to say your prayers at night to any higher being. This does not have to be religious in nature. Start by listing the things you are grateful for. Before you go to sleep at night, recall a pleasant memory from the day.

4. Get a checkup

This can reduce any anxiety that you may feel about your health. And if you are feeling REALLY unhappy, talk to your primary care physician, assuming this is someone with whom you are comfortable. It may be all you need to do before you actually feel better. Sometimes a clean bill of health and the knowledge that you are proactive about your health is enough to soothe some anxious feelings and focus on the positive.

5. Stop spending

Money is a great source of anxiety.  If you’re feeling stressed about money, there are so many resources to help you create budgets, cook low cost meals, and find coupons for your groceries. Organization in this matter will work wonders in creating less stress and anxiety around money. Honesty with yourself and the breaking of bad habits will make you feel renewed and motivated.