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Food Tips for Your Memorial Day Picnic

Memorial Day is a traditional time for picnics and cookouts. Many will gather in their homes, or head to local parks to enjoy a time of family togetherness, as well as good food. Many Memorial Day traditions include grilling hamburgers and hot dogs, having a few cold drinks on hand, and playing some kind of outdoor sport. Food is a main centerpiece for Memorial Day gatherings. If you love to entertain or throw together a family picnic, you’ll probably also be organizing the food. You can plan a lavish spread for your guests, or keep it simple, and ask everyone to contribute.

If hosting a backyard BBQ, there are some staples you’ll want to have on hand. If you’re serving hamburgers and hotdogs, be prepared for hungry guests and buy more than you think you’ll need. Echo Valley Meats has an incredible selection of meats for your next gathering. Right now, you can get $29.99 standard shipping on an order of $130.00. It’s easy to throw an extra burger on the grill, and if the raw meat doesn’t get eaten, you can freeze it and cook it another time. Have plenty of buns, as well. Not everyone will want a lot of bread, so have some options available like wraps and lettuce. Condiments are a must for burgers and hotdogs. Offer guests mayo, ketchup, mustard, relish, onions, pickles, tomatoes, and lettuce. Some may also want to add chili and coleslaw to their hamburgers and hotdogs. A white slaw and red slaw will offer a nice variety of condiment or can be served as a side dish. For an alternative to hotdogs, try grilling up some bratwurst or Italian sausage. Serve with peppers and onions on a hoagie roll.

Fresh fruit is a fabulous and health conscious side dish for a picnic or BBQ. Summer fruits like berries are a big hit. You might want to offer freshly sliced peaches with whipped topping as a dessert. Watermelon is a favorite of many people. To make a fruit display for your picnic, carve out a watermelon and add fresh fruit to the watermelon bowl. Serve up cut up cantaloupe, blueberries, grapes, and strawberries for a festive mix. If you would rather not go to the trouble of putting together your own combination of fruit, order a nice arrangement from Edible Arrangements. Get $10.00 off of orders of $39.00+. This way, everyone can grab what they like from the arrangement. The fruit is often on skewers, which are easy to pick up and put on a plate.

Other side dishes to consider are baked beans and various salads. An oil based pasta salad will keep well out in the heat. If you plan to serve any foods with a mayonnaise base, like potato salad, be sure to keep it on ice, to keep it from spoiling, Food poisoning will end a good party right away. Baked corn or a cornbread will keep well outside, and can be served warm or at room temperature. Corn on the cobb is another favorite side dish, which can be prepped ahead of time and boiled to cook, or can be thrown on the grill.

Don’t forget some desserts. Keep desserts simple by offering brownies, various cookies, and maybe even something special. You can create your own festive Memorial Day Ice Cream Cake by using store bought angel food cake or pound cake, ice cream, and fresh berries. Your Memorial Day gathering is sure to be a hit if you serve up good food and lots of fun.