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At, they pride on offering customers with a wide selection of flowers. Many of their flowers are selected from five continents! Due to the rise in popularity of giving flowers as a gift, farmers’ markets and online shopping portals have grown in popularity in the last ten years.

ProFlowers purchases flowers directly from the flower-grower, cutting out middlemen and thereby reducing costs. It also gets the flowers to the customers a lot earlier than most traditional florists. So their flowers are not only fresher but will last for a minimum of at least seven days.


If you want to make your Valentine’s Day special, don’t simply rely on a bouquet of red roses. Although they are a classic, the folks at ProFlowers recommend a mixed floral bouquet such as “All the Frills. They also recommend tulips, because they are in season during that time, and can be found in a wide range of colours.  Customers are urged to visit the “hint hint” page at for more suggestions.

The folks at take displaying flowers very seriously. For them, the vases also matter! Obviously certain vases are better suited for particular types of flowers.  Professionals at ProFlowers will help you select more than four types of vases per bouquet, which will enhance the beauty of your flowers. Then customers will be able to make a better vase selection. A simple but class glass vase is always the best way to go. If your preference is colour, try to tie it to the colour of your bouquet. also recommends carnations in a bouquet. Typically, carnations are considered as cheap and have always received a negative review. If used in an appropriate manner, they provide excellent texture and colour to your bouquet.  For example, ProFlower’s “Lot’s of Love” bouquet features an arrangement of vibrant coloured carnations., is your Valentine’s Day specialist. They accept all of their Valentine’s day bouquet orders until noon on February 13. However the earlier an order is placed, the better the deal! They are so popular, that on Valentine’s Day alone, they deliver more than 1 million bouquets.

The reality of flower-shopping is that it can become an expensive matter. The people at are aware of this so they offer customers with bouquets that are under $30. The “All the Frills”, “One Dozen Rainbow Roses”, “Smiles and Sunshine”, and “15 Sweetheart Tulips”, are all beautiful bouquets under $30! If you are looking for long lasting bouquets, recommends lilies and alstromeiras. Both have a long vase life. recommends the followings to ensure that your bouquet has a long life.

  1. When you receive your flowers, cut off 1 inch from the stems, and pluck off leaves which will come below the water line.
  2. Fill up your vase with water and put one pack of flower food.
  3. On the second day, re-cut your stems, change the water, and add another packet of food.
  4. Keep your arrangement away from heat, drafts, and direct sunlight.

The men in our lives deserve flowers too. At, women can visit the “plants for him” or “gifts for him” section.

Currently, customers can avail 20% off on order that are $39 or more, at!