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Four Pairs of Shoes for a Day of Sightseeing

It’s that time of year—when the whole country is on vacation! Maybe you have a trip to Rome planned, or maybe you have a day trip planned to your nearest aquarium. Either way, you know you’re going to be on your feet for the whole day. And that’s not good for your feet, or your mood. Try to mitigate early on-set crankiness with cute sandals that offer the support your tootsies expect.

  1. We’re not sure if you heard…but Birkenstocks are back! We absolutely love the metallic Gizah Thong, or the traditional two-buckle Arizona. Birks are for the young and old, male and female, adult and child. They last forever and will save your feet. The price tag is between $90 and $120, but a worthy investment. Plus, they never go out of style. Clearly. Check them out at ASOS or Zappos.


2. We love The Walking Company for easy to wear shoes that don’t scream, “orthopedic support!” This shoe retails for $150. Again, remember that your shoes are an investment for your feet. Your 80 year old self will thank you profusely. These babies are shock absorbing with a slight arch support. If you are flat footed, we recommend something with a stronger arch. The wrapped leather should leave your bunions feeling cared for and in place. We love anything gladiator style for bunions because it keeps them nice and snug.

23913481814_0043f781ef_b3. Somewhat obsessed with these 90s inspired sandals by Clarks. There is a strong arch support and these are stylish in that chunky 90s throwback way. Fortunately for those of us with problem feet, grandma style sandals are back! This pair, called the “Dusty Soul” are available in black leather and copper nubuck, which is cool because they are two completely different looks.

3431355-3-4x4. If in doubt, go with a trusted brand of sneaker. Fashion sneakers (like Adidas classics) are cool, but they tend to be flat and not good for a whole day of walking. Your arches will be screaming. Instead try a running or walking shoe, like the Nike Thea Air Max pictured here. Nike’s tend to have good arch support and the air maxes are made for a lot of pounding. Be sure to wear a ventilated sport sock.Nike-Air-Max-Thea