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Fourth Of July: A Feast of Savings

The Fourth of July is the most uniquely American holidays. Fiercely independent, Americans are always ready to celebrate Independence from England. While today our relations with England are far more friendly than in 1776 – we still enjoy fireworks, drinks, and good barbeque. You can invite your English friends over for the celebration, a bit of good natured ribbing won’t hurt a thing.

We Americans love grilling out. Men and women all over the U.S. will be firing up the grill – propane, gas, or charcoal – it doesn’t matter. Nothing seems to taste as perfect as perfectly grilled food. Meat, vegetables, and fruit all become far more savory when cooked over an open flame. But, isn’t all of that food expensive?

Actually, a tasty and fun feast for the Fourth of July doesn’t have to be super expensive. You can feed your entire family, plus your friends, without breaking the bank. Follow our tips to one of the least expensive, yet fulfilling Fourth of July menus, ever!

1. A month before your celebration, save money especially for your celebration menu. A few dollars here and there will ease the stress on your pocket when it comes time to stock the fridge.

2. Shop sales before the Fourth. If your local grocery has a sale on meats in June, stock up then. Freeze your meats and thaw them on July 2.

3. Look for coupons in April, May, and June that do not expire until after July. Pasta, cheeses, and more can be purchased a week or more before the Fourth in order to have on hand when you are ready to celebrate.

4. If you do not purchase items ahead of time, think about the staple menu of Independence Day cook-outs. Hamburgers and hot dogs. These two items aren’t expensive at all and can feed an army!

Plan your menu according to what you have on hand or what is on sale. This is probably the easiest way to create a large meal for many people without overspending. Children love hot dogs (well, most of them do!) and hot dogs can be found on sale almost all of the time. From $0.69 to $0.99 per package of 8. Just a few grocery trips can allow you to stock up 10 to 20 packages. Hot dogs can be garnished with many different condiments, go beyond plain mustard and ketchup. Try out chili, slaw, and onions OR create a Chicago style dog with lettuce, tomato, and a pickle slice.2012-6-29-16-06-51

Hamburgers are just as versatile as hot dogs. You can mix any number of ingredients right into the ground beef. Try out fresh herbs, different dry seasonings, and even pre-mixed flavorings such as ranch dressing mix, jerky seasoning, BBQ rubs, and more.

Did you know that you can find all of your Fourth of July celebration needs online? By using an online retailer you can save even more than you would think. Online grocery stores usually carry items that you can’t find in your local grocery stores, party supplies can be customized, and you can have everything shipped right to your home without ever leaving your home.

For example:

Spices and seasonings can be purchased on

Need paper plates? Check out Party City for low cost and great looking decorations and more. also has a grocery section where you can order meats for grilling.

Want a way to finish off the evening? will satisfy all of your adult beverage needs.

Spend a little time on the internet and you will find everything you could ever want for your party, plus a lot more. Don’t break the bank – shop smart!