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Fresh Food for Packed Lunches Delivered to Your Door

Packing school lunches is not the funnest part of back-to-school season. You want your kid to eat healthily, but to do that you either have to run to the store repeatedly for fresh food, or buy in bulk to save money on products that are full of preservatives.

This year, there’s another option. You can save on uber healthy school lunches (we’re talking straight-up organic) without having to trot to the grocery store every couple of days. You can do all this through Amazon Fresh, which offers next-day or even early morning delivery in metro areas across the US. The service costs $299/annually, but you get free delivery on orders over $50, and right now, you can get a 30-day trial for absolutely free to kick the school year off right. On top of Amazon Fresh services, your membership will also get you all the benefits of Prime, including access to the Kindle library and free 2-day shipping on products you order off of Amazon.

Here’s some of the goodness you can get delivered to your door. To give you an idea of how much things cost, we’ve chosen a metropolis known for high food prices: New York City. If you live anywhere else, your prices will likely be lower.

Baby Carrots


These are an absolute school lunch staple. They’re healthy, fun to eat, and when you order through Amazon Fresh, they’re organic. Price for one pound in NYC is $1.59.



Organic bananas aren’t just better for you; they taste better, too. They’re easy and mess-free when you pack them into school lunches, and in NYC, you can get a bunch with a minimum of five bananas for $1.98.



Another super easy thing to pack this time of year is strawberries, but you’ll want to do it before they’re out of season! A one pound pack of organic goes for $3.99 in New York City—delivered fresh to you door by diner if you order before 10 am, or by breakfast if you order before 10pm.



Because you eat the skin of this soft fruit, buying organic is essential if you want to ensure you’re not consuming any toxic pesticides. If you’re putting them in your child’s school lunch, you want to be especially careful. Get four organic peaches in New York City for $5.99.

Grape Tomatoes


Grape tomatoes are a great, nutritious, bite-sized side to put in  your child’s healthy school lunch. You can get an organic, one-pint pack in New York City for $2.99.

Healthy Snack Trays


If you don’t care so much about organic, but do want your kids to eat a variety of healthy foods they’ll love while they’re away from home, check out Taylor Farms Snack Trays. This one comes with carrots, broccoli, almonds and ranch dip. It’s packed with protein, so you could even make this tray the main course in and of itself.

While this particular product is conventionally grown, Taylor Farms has other products that are certified organic. The going price for this tray in NYC is $2.99.