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Fright Fest Six Flags 2013 – Stir Your Nerves

Have you got any idea for the last quarter of spooky October 2013? The month is not merely a costume party, or a decorated house full of claustrophobic atmosphere at Halloween. You can go to some theme parks with your friends and family, and enjoy the most horrible time of the year together. Fright fest Six Flags 2013 is one of the most terrifying attractions that you cannot miss. Their Halloween-oriented celebration features haunted houses with ever-changing elements included, bringing visitors extraordinary fearful fun. The month-long event will run Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays Sep. 28th through Oct. 27th, plus, Thursday, Oct. 17th & 24th and Columbus Day – Monday, Oct. 14th. Now, let’s go straight to see what actually you can see in Six Flag, and get to know the prices of its tickets and season passes as well.


The Fright Fest 2013 at Six Flags is divided into two parts – Thrills By Day and Fright By Night. During the daylight hours, namely before 4 p.m, there are plenty of newly Halloween-themed shows and kids-friendly areas. You can take your little ones to participate in kinds of activities, such as Character Candy Trail, Susan Rosen, Mistress of Mesmerism, Face to Face, The Uprising, Daytime Parade, Dead Man’s Party, Full Moon Rocksplosion, Nighttime Parade, Scary-Oke, and Love at First Fright which is a family-friendly musical show performed at Grand Music Hall. The entertainment in the sun brings relaxing feelings, but when the color becomes faint as the sunset, there is, however, another completely different and rather appealing possibility.

As the Uprising Parade hits the streets at 4 p.m, starts the terror park with the advent of costumed ghouls and ghosts. For then you can get totally excited by Spine Chilling Adventures, Monstertainment, and Fearful Frights elaborately-prepared by Fright Fest Six Flags 2013. Not only there are the original classic activities and attractions like SkyScreamer of Doom, Circus of Thrills, Voodoo Island, but many brand-new ones, such as Wasteland, The Manor, Straw-Man Stalkers, Total Darkness, and The Haunted Heist. Convincingly the haunted mazes and ceaseless prodding get on your nerves all the time. So, be ready for it!

As for memberships for Fright Fest Six Flags 2013, four types of tickets are offered, and you can choose as per your situation:

1. Season Passesfright-fest-six-flags-2013-e28093-stir-your-nerves

  • 2014 Season Passes, costing $67.99 – This kind membership allows unlimited visits during 2014 and the rest of 2013, including Free visits to Fright Fest in 2013 and 2014, as well as coupons worth hundreds of dollars. If you process your ID by Oct. 27th you will receive FREE Hurricane Harbor. Even you get Free upgrade to Gold Pass if you buy four or more season passes.
  • Membership Passes, costing $6.35/mo – The monthly membership has the equivalent benefits as season passes. If you sign up for four or more memberships before October, you Free parking and a Free upgrade to Gold.

2. Discount Fright Fest Tickets

  • Fright Fest Admission with Haunted Houses, costing $65.01 – This tickets allows you to enjoy all the Fright Fest 2013 from Trills By Day to Fright By Night. If you buy it online, you can get an extra $20 savings.
  • Admission without Haunted Houses, costing $50.99.

3. Regular Fright Fest Tickets – If you buy tickets at the park, General Admission ticket is for $65.99, Junior Under 54″ is for $37.99, and 2 & Under is Free.

4. Terror Trail Passe – It gives you full, unlimited access to Six Flag’s premium haunted areas, but it require the purchase of a separate wristband.

When the night screen hangs down, begin your travel in unique haunted mazes like Alice’s adventures in wonderland, feeling the most spookiest time of the year and making it to remember. Six Flags Fright Fest 2013 is waiting for you!

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