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Frugal Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

earth day

Are you ready for Earth Day? A day to celebrate our planet and learn how to take care of it is not only fun, but much needed. You don’t necessarily have to go to the lengths of purchasing a tree from your local nursery to celebrate this holiday, though. Here are several ways to honor mother Earth on the cheap:

Go Analog

To teach a lesson about energy use, unplug for the day. Remove those things that suck down energy from the agenda. That includes TV, video games, laptops, tablets and, depending on how feasible it is based on your local transport options, vehicles. It also includes cell phones, though if you don’t have a landline, you may want to keep your phone on, being sure to exercise enough discipline to use it simply as a phone and not a mini computer.

Arts & Crafts

After you unplug, you’re going to need to find a way to entertain your family in absence of all things digital. Arts and crafts are a great way to do that, and can easily be made from recycled products. You can make paper mache creations, reuse clean items that would have normally gone into a recycling bin to build sculptures, use magazines to make collages that will hang in your home…the possibilities are limited only by your boundless imagination.

Start a Garden

Starting a garden in your backyard doesn’t have to be intimidating. You can start by tilling a small patch of your own land; it can even be just a couple feet by a couple feet, and you can use the dirt that’s already there rather than going to the store to buy expensive dirt with fertilizer.

If you do want fertilizer, you can start your own compost pile with disposable, organic waste in your own backyard. As it sits, it will ferment into rich soil.

If you don’t have a yard, you can start your own garden inside for cheap with your family. Cut off the bottom of a water bottle, fill it with regular old dirt from the garden department at stores like Kmart and use them to start small plants or flowers.

Super frugal bonus: if you grow a fruit or vegetable, not only can you garden for cheap, but you’ll save cash on food later down the line when it’s harvest time.


Check out books from your library about ecosystems, CO2 emissions, the life cycle, oceanography or anything else related to the health of our planet. The more recent the publication date the better, as our knowledge of science is constantly becoming more and more sophisticated. The great thing about your library is that no matter the publication date, the read will be free!


Celebrating Earth Day doesn’t have to be expensive. Nature is all around you; it’s all about getting creative to figure out how to use and support it in sustainable ways.


How do you celebrate Earth Day? Be sure to share your celebrations with us on social media!