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Fun Alternatives for the Traditional Easter Basket

Traditionally, I buy things for  my kids that I have to buy them anyway–bathing suits, flip flops, rain boots, sunglasses. All things that celebrate the coming weather. Because the thing is, it’s not Christmas. Sure, they might get a nerf gun or other outside toy, but again–things I would grab at Walmart at some point anyway. If you’re not into having a day full of sugar, check out these easy alternatives to Easter baskets.

Fill a Beach Bag

This is great for any age, but especially older children. Fill a small beach bag with a beach towel, sunglasses, a bathing suit, cover up, water guns, and flip flops. We love Target for all kinds of beach supplies for kids! If  you like this idea, try Things Remembered to get your bag personalized in time for next year! This is a gift that your kids can be excited about, but you won’t walk out of the store feeling like you’ve just wasted money on a bunch of junk.

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Fill Rain Boots

Your kids might need rain boots anyway! Stuff them with grass and shove some small toys in, or bits of candy, if you want. You can also include an umbrella, rain boots, and, other rainy day activities like coloring books and Play-Doh. Or, you can mix up the weather patterns and include those small items like sunglasses and beach hats. Another great way to do this is to fill the inside of the umbrella…if you’re not superstitious that is.

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Fill a Jewelry Box

If you have girls, this is a really fun alternative. You can fill a small basket or jewelry box with hair bands, bows, and spring-like jewelry. Carter’s is a great place to go for inexpensive kids jewelry that doesn’t resemble toy jewelry, or dress up. Maybe a small spring purse tops off this fun idea.

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Fill a Pot or Gardening Bag

Include lots of seeds and gardening tools, including a hat and gloves. This is great for any age. But collectors are a fun addition to this theme. A small wheelbarrow or wagon is also great for this!

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Fill a Tacklebox

Into fishing? Get a rod if you family would use it anyway and fill the tacklebox with supplies—or use the compartments for candy!

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You can do versions of these with any hobby that your child has. Getting things they might actually use feels a lot better than filling their little bellies with sugar! And trust us, your day will go smoother without that sharp sugar crash.