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Fun and Delicious Chocolate Easter Bunny Substitutes

Easter is a fairly traditional holiday. You buy the candy. You put it in the basket with that annoying plastic grass that you’ll be picking up for the next three weeks. The Easter Bunny hides the baskets. You play a game of hotter/colder with your kids. They find the basket. Maybe you go to church. But you definitely get ready for the big, family dinner.

One of the biggest staples of tradition on this holiday is the chocolate bunny. It’s the piece de resistance of every Easter basket.

It’s also one thing you can change up to make the basket a little less traditional and a little more personal. We’ve gathered up some unique and delicious substitutes for you to experiment with as you prep for this Sunday.

Soccer Chocolate Easter Bunny

With a nod to the traditional, Palmer’s soccer-themed chocolate Easter bunny is still hollow. But it’s also extra personal for the enthusiastic kids who are starting a new season. The box itself comes with some fun perks, too, like riddles and a built-in, soccer ball shaped maze.

This one’s available on Amazon, where there are only fourteen left in stock. If you have a soccer fan in your household, you’ll want to order ASAP before they run out!

Disney Princess Chocolate Covered Oreos

There are select few things in this world that are more delicious than chocolate covered Oreos. Which makes chocolate Oreos from Philadelphia Candies with Disney Princesses a super delicacy as far as we’re concerned.

While you may immediately think of little girls, think of the grown women in your life, too. There’s a reason the new Beauty and the Beast movie has done so well in theaters—we’re all reliving our childhood.

You can also find these on Amazon. They even qualify for free, two-day shipping for Prime members.

See’s Candies Bordeaux Egg

What’s better than a giant chocolate egg filled with a brown sugar, butter-based center?

Pretty much nothing.

This decadent Easter treat comes exclusively from See’s Candies, and is big enough to be more than suitable as a replacement for the traditional hollow, chocolate Easter bunny.

Peeps Surprise Egg

Speaking of giant chocolate eggs, this one comes with a fun twist. Combining the two grand Easter traditions of chocolate and marshmallow chicks, this hollow chocolate egg comes with a Peep inside. Super fun for kids—and adults who are on board with Peeps!

You can pick this one up at Candy Warehouse.

Chocolate Dinosaur Egg

Also available at Candy Warehouse, this hollow egg comes with a different surprise hidden inside: a dinosaur! The kids will have fun both hatching and eating this nontraditional treat.

Chocolate Zombie Bunny

This white chocolate masterpiece depicts a resurrection gone terribly awry. While this piece isn’t great for small children or Easter traditionalists, it can be a quirky and fun surprise if you have a zombie lover in your life.

Keep in mind that you’ll have to DIY your own victim bunny, but the zombie bunny itself can be found at