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Fun and Easy Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is one of those fun, festive holidays that everyone can enjoy. It’s a laid back holiday filled with tasty food, flashy green apparel and happy Irish dance music. Do you have exciting plans for this very special day or are you still trying to figure out how to celebrate it? If you haven’t finalized your St. Patrick’s Day agenda then check out the list of ideas and activities below.

1. Wear Green

1 green st patrick day suit

The best way to get into the festive spirit is by wearing green. Do you want to wear so much green that you look like a leprechaun? Then take a glance at the spirited apparel sold by OppoSuits. They have a number of men’s and women’s St. Patrick’s Day suits to show off your Irish pride. Would you prefer to get in the holiday spirit without wearing green from head to toe? Then take a more subtle approach with green accessories like scarves, earrings, buttons or ties.

2. Eat Green Foods

1 shamrock candy

Create a menu of green foods to celebrate this special holiday. Bring out green cocktails, beer and cans of green soda. Prepare a special holiday meal that celebrates those evergreen hues. How about hosting a St. Patrick’s Day brunch complete with green eggs and ham? Would you prefer to party later in the day? How about a preparation of avocado based goodies or spinach dip? You could also plan a buffet of desserts complete with green frosted cupcakes and key lime pie. Do you want to enjoy the sweets of St. Patrick’s Day without all the work of baking it yourself? Why not buy a box of Shamrock Mint Creams from Malley’s Chocolates. These delicious shamrock shaped chocolates are filled with a subtly green mint cream.

3. Drink Green Beer

1 st patricks day celebrations

Let’s face it when most of us think about St. Patrick’s Day we think about sitting around an Irish pub drinking green beer. Do you want to experience the best that Irish bars have to offer on this holiday? Then search your area for local pub-crawls that enable you and your friends to easily hop from bar to bar. Not sure where to begin? Check out the list of St. Patrick’s Day pub-crawl deals listed on Groupon. Meet your friends at a bar hang out for a bit and then head on to another one. While Guinness may be the preferred drink of choice you could also ask the bartender for his finest Irish whiskey or his best Irish coffee.

4. Throw a Party

1 st patricks day crafts

Some folks like to celebrate out on the town and some prefer to throw a simple bash back at home. With a few fun decorations and party favors you can turn your house into a leprechaun’s dream. Party City has a huge array of St. Patrick’s Day supplies including derby hats, sunglasses, head boppers, necklaces and bow ties covered in green shamrocks. You can also buy a set of St. Patrick’s Day Costume Photo Stick props so you and your friends can pose as colorful leprechauns.

5. Attend a Parade

1 st patricks day parade

St. Patrick’s Day parades typically feature marching bands, floats, gymnasts, dancers and lots of festive Irish music. If your town or city doesn’t host a parade you can watch Boston’s St. Patrick’s parade live on television and if you can’t watch the parade then do the next best thing and search Spotify for some fun, old Irish tunes. The sound of bag pipes will have you dancing around the house in no time.

This year gather your friends and family to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. You can observe this holiday with a low-key party at home or an exciting day full of parades and pub-crawls. However you choose to celebrate take a little time to enjoy the music, fun and festivities.