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Fun Decor for Your Classroom Halloween Party

If you’re the classroom parent or have simply volunteered to help with this year’s Halloween party, you’re probably looking for some inspiration to make this year’s bash one that won’t soon be forgotten. With the help of these products from Toys R Us and a little creativity, you’re sure to meet your goal with a party the kids will love and the other volunteers will rave about.

Crystal Ball & Darth Vader


While this decoration is cool in and of itself, you can step it up a notch by enlisting another classroom volunteer to dress up as a fortune teller, giving the kids age-appropriate fortunes and maybe even some candy as a parting gift.

We’re pretty sure that Star Wars is never going to stop being cool. We’re willing to bet a piece of candy that your classroom has at least one kid dressed up as a character from a galaxy far, far away. This light up decoration also makes sound, and will definitely attract attention as kids pass it on their classroom corkboard.

Captain America Candy Bowl & Halloween Partyware


While we’re on branded decor, we have to highlight this Captain America candy bowl. The kids will love it in class, and you can reuse it at your own home and personal Halloween celebrations.

Every party needs food, and every party with food is going to need cups, plates and silverware. While there are bigger package options available at Toys R Us with some serving up to 50, this smaller pack is surprising more economical. Buy multiple packs of these and save money over larger ones.

Two-Tier Mummy Cupcake Stand & Kicking and Talking Witch Legs


Not only is this cupcake stand super cute and super sturdy, but it’s also make out of corrugated cardboard. That means that if one of the kiddos knocks it over, they’re only spilling cupcakes–not breaking glass. Perfect for little ones!

We love the kicking witch option because it is motion-activated. You’ll be able to give the kids a fun, gentle start as the witch’s legs kick up and cackle as they approach.

Black Cauldron


We love this cauldron because it can be used for so many purposes. You can fill it with candy or dry ice. Just be careful with the latter—dry ice is dangerous so in states where you can buy it you’ll have to show an ID. Then, you’ll have to make sure the cauldron is supervised. This is especially important with younger children. Check with your school to see if it’s even allowed on campus, but if it is, it’s a fun way to make the environment a little spookier. Not to mention it’s a great way to segway into a science lesson.

Fog Machine


Not loving the hazards that come with dry ice? Get a very similar effect with a fog machine. You will need to purchase both the machine and the special liquid that goes inside. Before committing, make sure there are no potential health restrictions, like asthma, in your child’s classroom.