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Fun Easter Traditions it’s Not too Late to Start with Your Family

Family traditions are something that are passed down from generation to generation. If you don’t currently have any family traditions in place for your little crew, Easter is the perfect time to start! Easter is an extra special holiday in our family, not because of the bunny or the baskets, but because Easter is spent together as a family doing something we all love.

Here are several Easter traditions you can start with your family this year and continue for many years to come:

  • Share the Easter Story – Every Easter, our family sits down together and reads the Easter story from the Bible. It’s a wonderful passage that fills our hearts with hope. Not religious? Why not do a little research and read about the history of the Easter Bunny. Or, simply share what Easter means to you and have each family member do the same. It doesn’t matter what you talk about, just get together and talk as a family. That could easily become a family tradition you do every year.

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  • Go to Church as a Family – Religious or not, Easter is a wonderful time to go to church. To hear the choirs sing, the verses of hope read. Get your crew up early, get dressed up in fancy clothes, and find a church in your area to spend your Easter morning. (If you’re not a regular attender, be sure to check service times for the church you plan to attend. Sometimes churches hold special services or change service times for Easter Sunday.) Need a new outfit for your Easter Sunday services? Check out these huge savings from Saks Fifth Avenue.
  • Plant an Easter Garden – Easter is a great time to plant a garden. Since Easter is so late this year, we should be past the last freeze of the season. (Fingers crossed!) Get your family outside, get dirty, and make your whole yard beautiful this year. You’ll treasure the time together, and your kids will love helping. If you need garden tools or supplies, check out these promo codes from Lowes to help you stock up and save.
  • Dye Easter Eggs – Dying Easter eggs is always tons of fun! If you use permanent dyes, be sure you and your kids are wearing old clothes you don’t care about. You can also google and find recipes for natural ways to dye and color your eggs. By doing this every year, your kids will love the family tradition, but they’ll love the time with you even more.

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  • Get a Family Picture – Sometimes it’s hard to get the family together for a family picture, but if you’re already dressed up for church, and you’re all together, Easter is the perfect opportunity! Make it a yearly tradition, and watch how much your kids grow from year to year. I promise you will treasure those photos and those memories for years and years to come.
  • Host Easter Dinner – We’ve done this every year since we got married, and it’s one of my favorite Easter family traditions. We have all of our kids here, of course, but then we invite the grandparents and even the great grandparents. Our house is full, but more importantly, our hearts are full. I love our family time together, and I love cooking enough food for an army! Sometimes I host dinner, sometimes lunch, and I’ve even done an Easter brunch when nothing else worked out for all of the family to be together.

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  • Hold an Easter Egg Hunt – Easter egg hunts are so much fun. Fill dozens of eggs, (or hundreds, depending on your time and budget), then hid them all over the yard for your kids to find. Little kids AND big kids love Easter egg hunts, so be  sure to hide enough for everyone to participate. You’ll see how quickly this becomes a favorite Easter family tradition for your entire family.

Whatever you decide to do for your Easter family traditions, stick to it and enjoy the time with your family. Like I said before, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do it together. Happy Easter, sweet friends! Enjoy your day!