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Fun Fall Activities for Families for Any Budget

The weather is already changing in my area. The nights are cooler, and while the days are still hot, you can just smell a change in the air. Because Autumn will be here before we know it, so I’m starting to plan out fun activities to do with my family over the next couple of months. Some may be extravagant, and some may be simple, but they will all be fun, and I’m hoping they leave each member of my family with memories to last the rest of their lifetime.

Here’s what we’ll be doing this fall:


  • Visit a Local Apple Orchard – We have the best little apple orchard just a few miles from our house. Not only do they allow you to pick your own apples, but they also offer educational classes. You can even meet Johnny Appleseed. It makes for a fun family outing, the kids learn something, and you get to bring home some yummy apples to make apple pie, apple butter, or whatever your heart desires. Check your local paper or do a search for apple orchards near you.
  • Visit a Family Farm – Around here, we have lots of farmers, and lots of different types of farms: dairy farms, cattle farms, alpaca farms. Lots of options. We’ll definitely be visit a few this fall.
  • Take Fall Family Portraits – Every year we do this. I grab my Canon camera, (check out the deals from 42nd Street Photo if you need a new camera), and we head to our favorite fall spot with lots of colorful trees, train tracks, and beautiful scenery. I love watching how much the kids change year after year.
  • Do Something Completely Unexpected – This year, I’ve got a secret up my sleeve. (So, if you’re reading this, and you know my kids, please keep quiet!) We are trying really hard to take a day and head to LEGOLAND Atlanta. It has been a crazy year for our family, so we want to treat the kids to something special. We are looking forward to pulling off this surprise thanks to the amazing deals through PromosPro.


  • Jump in Leaf Piles – This doesn’t cost a dime, but your kids will absolutely love it!
  • Find a Fall Fair – The Georgia Mountain Fairground is close to home for us, and it’s one of our favorite fall fairs to visit every year. Do a search and find a local fair in your area. You’ll find crafts, hear music, and have tons of fun visiting the local fair.


  • Visit the Farmer’s Market – Fall equals harvest time, and what better time to head to the farmer’s market and reap the bounty of their efforts? Score amazing produce at unbeatable prices, meet your local farmers, and get to know your community. It will benefit you and your children.
  • Find a Haunted House – My husband loves haunted houses. Me? Not so much. But, I do know of several kid-friendly haunted houses that are kid-friendly, so I may do well with one of those. 🙂
  • Make Fun Fall Crafts – They don’t have to be expensive either. Handprint turkeys, painting pinecones, painting with apples. There are so many fun things you can create, and you house will be beautifully decorate for fall.

What types of activities do you have on your list for this fall?