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Fun Halloween Party Themes for Your Next Party

When you’re an adult, the thought of throwing a Halloween party for your friends may seem a bit daunting. You want to have a fun time with your friends, but don’t have the time or energy to devote to a big blowout. You want to make a good impression and not leave your friends feeling like they wasted an entire evening. Adult Halloween parties can be a lot of fun, and for many adults, it lets them relive a bit of their childhood. You can turn a boring old Halloween party into a fun event your friends won’t soon forget by giving your party a theme.
You can turn a boring old Halloween party into a fun event your friends won’t soon forget by giving your party a theme. There are pros and cons to hosting a themed party, so you’ll have to weigh those yourself to see if it’s worth the effort. A themed party might light a spark in your friends, and give them even more of a reason to RSVP with a big ‘yes.’ Keep the themes simple, so guests don’t have to spend a lot of time or money on their costumes.

Here are a few party themes to get you started:


Have a Ghost theme. Ask everyone to come to the party dressed as a ghost. Host a contest for the most creative costumes. You could even ask guests to come to the party in plain clothes. Have cheap white sheets on hand, along with other assorted fabrics and embellishments for guests to make their own costumes on arrival. You could even have rolls of toilet paper or paper towels on hand to use as ghost costume making material. You could play a game where teams of 4-5 people have to ‘ghost’ their entire team by covering them with toilet paper. First team to be completely covered wins the game and gets a prize! Stock up on toilet paper and other party essentials at Target.

Vampire Party. This theme is a lot of fun. Guests can come dressed as their favorite characters from vampire movies. Popular choices might be Dracula, the Cullens from Twilight (or any of the other Twilight characters), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc. Decorate with coffins and bats, and lots of black drapery. You can use black candle holders with white taper candles to give the party a little mood lighting. Serve blood red punch and finger foods.


Zombie Party. This is a theme that guests might really get carried away with. It’ll be so much fun to see your friends dressed up as the walking dead, and trying to guess who is who! You could even set up makeup stations at the party for guests to zombie-fy themselves once they arrive. Plan to take a ‘zombie walk’ around the neighborhood- just try not to scare too many of the neighbors, and watch out for little kids.

Dead Celebrity. Have your guests pay homage to their favorite celebrities who have passed on. This will give your guests a little more freedom to thoughtfully plan out their costumes and not be restricted to a specific genre.

Important things to remember when planning your party:

Location is everything! Choose a location that works well for you, but that will also be accommodating to your guests. Think of all of the people you invited, and make sure that each guest will have what they need to have an enjoyable time.

Choose a start and end time that works well with people’s schedules. Don’t start the party too early or too late. Keep others’ schedules in mind as you plan the party.

Decorations and food. Keep it simple, and cater to the ages of your guests. Don’t serve kiddie food to adults. If you’re hosting an adult party, go with a more sophisticated menu, and make sure to offer plenty of options for drinks.

Don’t over or under invite. You don’t want to wind up with so many guests that you run out of food, and you don’t want to invite so few people that you have dud party. Take into account other people’s families, their work situations, and of course, keep distance in mind.

Following these tips will help you plan and host a Halloween party your friends will enjoy!