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Fun Ways to Amp Up Your Labor Day Celebration

Labor Day is just a few days away. How will you celebrate the holiday? Many Americans fire up the grills and cook hotdogs and hamburgers for friends, family and neighbors. Are you one of them? If you plan to host a BBQ,  read on for a few fun ideas to amp up your backyard Labor Day celebration.

Backyard Games


We all know that children enjoy backyard games, but don’t forget that adults often love to play too. What could be more fun than an old fashioned game of croquet? Do your parents or grandparents have an old set of wooden mallets and stakes hiding out in their basement? If not, search for pre-owned sets on eBay or splurge for new ones at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Does croquet seem too old fashioned? How about playing an updated party game like corn hole or ladder toss instead?

Outdoor Speakers

A party isn’t much of a party without music. Consider buying an ultra-portable Bluetooth speaker that can easily connect to your iPhone or iPad. Create a playlist especially for the occasion or let Pandora stream music into your backyard. If you have access to two speakers and two separate iPhones consider setting up separate listening areas for children and adults. That way the kids can rock out to The Wiggles while the older crew enjoys more traditional tunes like U2 or Johnny Cash.

S’Mores Bar

Marshmallow SkewerWhat better way to end a Labor Day BBQ then with a toasty fire and a handful of s’mores? Ask your kids to search for long, thin sticks in the backyard or up the ante with a set of deluxe marshmallow roasters like the ones shown above. These and many others are available from Amazon. Consider setting up a s’mores bar where guests can create their own flavor combinations. Make sure to include the necessities, like chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows, but also add extra fun toppings and ingredients like bananas, strawberries, sprinkles, peanut butter and salted caramels.

Make Your Own Ice Cream

ice cream cone

Have you ever tried to make ice cream using a handful of ingredients and two plastic bags? If not, maybe this is the year to try. You can search youtube for a list of demonstration videos or search for step by step instructions that will guide you through the process. It’s really easy to do. Just dump a bunch of tasty ingredients into one bag and a bunch of salt and ice in another. Then you place the smaller bag inside of the larger one and shake both bags for ten to fifteen minutes. Children, in particular, love this activity because it combines two of their favorite things; movement and dessert. Once the ice cream is ready add a bunch of sprinkles and hot fudge and each child can have their very own delicious, home made treat.

labor day grill

Labor Day get togethers are always a lot of fun, but games, music and home made desserts are sure to amp up your backyard celebration.