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Fun Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo as a Family

Cinco de Mayo is such a great way to help your children learn about the traditions of other cultures. Are you looking for a way to encourage your children to have fun and learn something at the same time? Below, I’m going to give you a few fun ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo as a family.

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Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico’s Independence Day, but rather it commemorates Mexico’s improbable victory over France on May 5, 1862. It is only a minor holiday in Mexico, but cities all over the US – especially those cities with a large Mexican/American population – make Cinco de Mayo a special day to celebrate Mexican culture and heritage.

Here are a few fun ways you can celebrate this special day together as a family:

  • Learning is FUNdamental – Make a special point to learn as much as you can about Mexican history. Take a family trip to your local library and check out books about Mexico, their rich history, art, or famous individuals. Find a large world map or globe and have your children locate Mexico. Research online. Do a search with your kids and have them learn “cinco” (5) fun facts about Mexico.

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  • Eat it Up – Cooking a Mexican meal together as a family is a fun way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Don’t just make tacos and call it a day, make it special. Get your kids on board, browse the internet for fun new Mexican foods you haven’t tried, and let the kids help. When they help make the dinner, they tend to eat the dinner so much better! By the way, if you’re in need of meat for your special meal or for any meal for that matter, check out these promo codes from Caveman Foods. You’ll love how much you can save!
  • Talk It Up – Teach your children a few new Spanish words. Some fun, easy to learn words include Hello (hola), Goodbye (adiós), Yes (si), No (no), Please (por favor), Thank you (gracias), and You’re welcome (de nada). The internet makes it super simple to discover new words, and you’ll get your kids off to a great start at learning a second language.

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  • Pop a Piñata! – A piñata is a super way to share Mexican culture and fun with your kids. Most party and discount stores sell piñatas, so grab one, stuff it with tons of goodies, and let your kids start swinging! Check out these Wholesale Party Supplies deals. You can save up to 70% off their clearance items, and they’ve got lots of other great savings as well.

No matter what you do to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, do it as a family. It will make the day special, your kids will learn something new, and you may just find a delicious new dish to incorporate into your regular menu!