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Fun Ways to Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Kids

The end of the year is nearly here and it’s time to celebrate the dawning of 2017! If you have children at home your plans for New Year’s Eve will certainly be a little different than they used to be, but that doesn’t mean they have to be any less fun. Here are a few festive ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your children.

1.  Dress Up

Before you had children you probably got all dressed up for New Year’s Eve. The end of the year is a great time for celebrations out on the town, but don’t pull on sweatpants and an old t-shirt just because you plan to stay home with the kids this year. Instead grab that ballroom gown out of your closet or put on that fancy velvet skirt and shimmering blouse. Then find some fun dress up gear for your kids. If the kids own dress clothes let them wear them for the evening and if they don’t find a party store in your area and get them all decked out in sparkly jewelry and bow ties. Don’t forget to buy some New Year’s hats that will get everyone excited for the yearly countdown!

2. Decorate the House

New Year’s Eve celebrations typically include a lot of sparkles, glitter and helium balloons. Recreate that party atmosphere at home by setting the table with gold and silver. Let your children help make a table runner using brown paper, glitter and glue. Place it down the middle of the table and set out small, child-safe battery-powered tea lights that will help everything sparkle and glow. If your kids are feeling particularly crafty let them make a silver disco ball or simply hang balloons all over the house that read Happy New Year! Check out the huge supply of balloons and party gear available at Party City.

3. Holiday Crackers

Purchase gold and silver holiday crackers from your favorite party store or ask the kids to help you make some at home. Believe it or not you can create your own festive crackers using little more than toilet paper rolls, candy and wrapping paper. Ask your children to guess what item, toy or candy might be inside. You just never know what might pop out!

4. Fun Finger Food

A day or two before New Year’s Eve invite your kids into the kitchen to create decadent desserts and appetizers that you can munch on until midnight. Consider creating an assortment of miniature sized desserts and appetizers. Bring a new selection out every hour on the hour and let your kids sample a bite or two of each one. You can also make skewers of fruit, marshmallows or an assortment of tiny desserts that can be stacked on a stick. As the hours unfold let kids take a bite so that they are down to just one at midnight.

5. Toast

New Year’s Eve wouldn’t feel like New Year’s Eve without the celebratory toast. Make your children feel like they are a part of the festivities by creating a special mocktail for them or pour milk or juice into a wine glass or champagne flute. When midnight arrives make sure they have their drinks in hand so they can gently clink glasses with the adults. You can also teach them the words to Auld Lang Syne so they can sing along when the New Year arrives.

This year make your New Year’s Eve festive and kid friendly and ring in 2017 at home and in style.