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Fun Ways to Celebrate The 4th with Your Kids

The Fourth of July is fast approaching. If you are looking for fun ways to mark our country’s birthday with your kids, you will want to keep reading. I have some fun and festive ways to celebrate our country’s big day with your kids.

If you are planning a BBQ with family and friends, think about making it exciting for the kids and adults with relay type races everyone can take part in. To make them festive, try getting everything in red white and blue. You can buy great big red plastic spoons, red, white and blue water balloons and red white and blue buckets or bins at Target and put together a great water balloon relay race.

You know the game I mean, where you start with a bin or bucket full of water balloons on one end and each person has to balance one balloon on a spoon all the way to the other bucket, at the opposite end without dropping it. We all know what happens when they drop, they pop, and someone is going to get wet!

We play this game a lot at our reunions and when you have two teams competing, you would be amazed how much fun everyone, young and old has. Other relay games you can add are a three-legged race, use a colorful Americana theme bandana as the leg tie. Potato sack races are great and you can use red, white and blue sacks or pillowcases.

Make a great bean bag toss game by sewing up some simple bean bags in some red, white and blue or flag motif fabric you can find at The Online Fabric Store and stuff them with dried beans. Have someone cut three circles out of a piece of plywood and paint with red white and blue and you have a patriotic bean bag toss.

Have a couple of creative teens or adults painting patriotic symbols on faces in a face painting station. You can pick up brushes and face safe paint at Jet.com

Red white and blue sand art is a fun activity. You can get some plastic bottles and colored sand at most craft stores like Michaels and pick up some funnels too. Then add some red white and blue spoons so kids can spoon the sand in the funnel into their bottle. This is a great activity because they get to bring home their creation.

Have a patriotic karaoke challenge. All songs must have something that references our country, the flag or anything truly American. Have a judge’s panel and let the singing competition begin.

Have an outdoor movie night. Grab a projector and a white sheet, you can use some pvc pipe you can find at the Home Depot to make a quick and cheap screen holder. Attach the sheet to the pipe stand and fire up the projector. You guests will love watching a movie under the stars. Serve popcorn in red and white striped bags, find candy that is red, white and blue and serve drinks in red, white and blue cups. You get extra points if you find a movie that in some way celebrates the USA.

There are so many ways to have a blast with your kids and guests on July 4th. I hope this has inspired you and that you head is now spinning with fun ideas. Happy Fourth of July!