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Fun Ways to Decorate for Fall…on the Cheap

When you’re ready, and we’re not rushing you, decorating for Fall can be a way to exercise creativity while keeping your budget balanced. When using fall decor, it can be really easy to cross the line from chic to cheap, or from kitschy to chachki. Our design experts have named three key items in decorating your doorstep for fall:

1. Pumpkins

2. Burlap

3. Mums

We know, they are the basics, but here are a few ways to spice it up a bit without breaking the bank, or spending hours of effort on a homemade wreath.

Line Your Steps

1. Buy a ton of small pumpkins and gourds. Buy in all shapes, sizes, and colors so you can create arrangements around your porch, on your kitchen table, or even in a flower box! Some ideas are:

  • Flip over a tall-ish pot (galvanized metal looks cool) and stack them from biggest to smallest. Another idea is to put them in the pot. Use a sturdy filler in the pot and arrange the pumpkins on top. You can also plant mums and place pumpkins in the pot, also.
  • Arrange your small pumpkins in a hurricane glass and place on the doorstep or line your front porch.
  • Using a larger pumpkin as a planter for your…you guess it…mums!
  • If you have steps, create stacks and piles of pumpkins on each step.
  • Don’t be afraid to spray paint your pumpkins. Mixing black and white patterns (on white pumpkins!) looks chic and modern.

2. Mums galore. There is no such thing as too many mums. Buy them early in the season (NOW), so they grow to a fuller plant. The bigger the plant, the more expensive they are. We love mums around the mailbox and lining the walkway. Go big or go home on the mums.

  • Get creative with your planters. Galvanized metal looks great in the fall, and so do antique-y looking buckets, tubs, and watering cans.
  • Mix and match. Mums are not the only fall plant. You can mix it up with white kale, artichoke, billy balls, or if you want to pay the price, sea grass, richly colored callas. Indoors, you can create arrangements of dried hydrangea, as well.

3. Burlap is cheap, chic, and trendy. Here’s an utterly inexpensive way to create a fall wreath: At your local craft store, buy a foam circle and over the circle in burlap and pin in place. You’ll have to use about two inch sections. Then, add whatever decor you want (or not). This is a super easy transition to winter.

  • Use burlap indoors as a table runner
  • Cover a hay bale in a swatch of burlap and top with pumpkins
  • Wrap your planter with a strip of burlap to add interest, or completely cover small ones.
  • Wrap burlap twine around your door handle (this doesn’t so much work on a knob).

If you’re savvy, there are about a million ways you can DIY with these materials. But if you’re not, these provide really simple ways to spruce up your front porch!