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Funky New Nail Trends for 2017

All winter long we keep our hands hidden from the bitter cold. We put them in our pockets and slide them into warm cotton gloves, but as soon as the temperature rises we want to free our hands and show them off to the world. Spring often coincides with the first trip back to the nail salon. Before you schedule your next manicure or pedicure check out the list of fun, new nail trends below.


When we think about spring we naturally think about the brightly colored flowers and plants that begin to blossom around us. Pale pink cherry trees, soft yellow daffodils and lavender flowers sprout and bloom before our eyes.

This spring designers take their cues from nature as pink; lavender, baby blue and pale yellow make their way onto the nails of high-end models in photo shoots and fashion shows. If you want to add a subtle shade of color to your nails try OPI Infinite Shine in shades like Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet, Poly Want a Lacquer, Suzi Without a Paddle and Nadi on My Honeymoon. You can find these pastel nail polishes and many more at Sally Beauty. Right now you can also get 20% off all orders and receive free shipping on orders over $35.


This spring you will find metallic nail polishes in every shade imaginable. The most common colors are bronze, copper, silver and gold, but you can also find typical nail colors like purple, pink and red with metallic overlays.

Experiment with the shades available or consider mixing and matching metallic options by painting first with one shade and then blending over with a lighter one. The result is an iridescent and luminescent finish.  Essie’s Mirror Metallics Nail Polish Collection comes in a series of fun colors including No Place Like Chrome, Nothing Else Metals and Penny Talk. You can find these and many other metallic options at Ulta. Use coupon code 505355 to save $5 off orders of $15 or more plus receive free samples and free shipping.


Do you find it difficult to choose the nail polish you want to wear? Do you wrestle between various shades and colors? What if you didn’t have to choose? Believe it or not mix and match nails are a trend this year. Pick a general color palette like metallics, pastels or neon colors and paint each and every fingernail a completely different color.

You can also start with one common color as the base and then draw striped designs of different colors on top. Consider a French manicure that includes neon pink, yellow and blue on the tips of your nails rather than the white we are so accustomed to seeing.

Geometric Shapes

For a fun spin on do-it-yourself nail art paint your nails white or another pale shade and then draw on them with a black nail art pen. Geometric shapes are trending this season as simple circles, squares and triangles make their way onto fingernails. Stick with basic shapes that can be drawn freehand and paint the design on just one finger rather than on every nail on both hands.

You can also switch the colors for this design by painting your nails black and drawing on them with a white nail art pen. You can find eight colors of Sally Hansen nail art pens, including black and white, at Target.


This spring is being called the season of little to no makeup and this natural approach to beauty also applies to nails. Trim your finger nails to a natural length, clean them thoroughly with a brush and apply clear nail polish with no embellishments or color.

If you want to take a truly natural approach buy a Miracle Buff & Shine Block from Sally Beauty. This little block buffs nails to a glass-like glossy finish without any buffing creams or oils so your nails naturally shine. Best of all you don’t have to worry about peeling nail polish. When your nails begin to look dull simply buff them again.

This spring experiment with funky, new nail colors and designs. Do you have a favorite spring trend for 2017? If so, leave a comment below and tell us all about it.