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Funny Tees for Father’s Day

Dads can be hard to buy for. Society tells us traditional man gifts must relate to dress clothes, power tools, or sports. We know that’s not true. We’ve covered new baby gear as a great present for first time dads and heartwarming gifts for those super gushy moments—because Dad’s allowed to get sentimental, too.

Today, though, we’ll be covering a gift idea far less serious: funny tees. We’re pretty sure all dads like them, and know that most of them wear them on the regular.

In your quest for funny tees, we would direct you to Textual Tees. Aside from awesome promo codes, we’d like to show you all the other reasons why:

For the Dad of Millennials/Gen Z Kids

You know you’ve heard it before. Dad does something crazy embarrassing and his young adult child drops, “I literally can’t even!”

For every dad that’s ever heard this phrase before—sometimes even to the point of tedium—here’s a shirt I honor. Because in all likelihood, you literally can even.

For the Meat-Loving Fathers

What is it with men and meat? We’ve known dads that won’t consider something a meal until it has meat in it. Salad for lunch? Only if there’s some chicken in the mix. Pasta? There better be some beef in that meat.

While vegetables are a recognized food group, this shirt is great for the dads that would prefer not to think of things that way.

For Millennial and Gen X Fathers

Ohmigod. This shirt is so clever we almost can’t handle it. (But literally, we probably can.)

Older millennials and younger Gen Xers are sure to get a kick out of this tee that invokes the music of their childhood.

For the Dad of the Recent High School Grad

Dads have a special relationship with their daughters, and, traditionally, that special relationship doesn’t go all that smoothly during the teenage years. If you’re on your way to college, show Dad you appreciate the ups of your relationship despite the downs with a dash of humor.

For the Hot Dad

Whether you mean it ironically or not, make sure dad has a good sense of humor before you gift this one. He’ll either love it or take a lot of offense.

For the Dad Who Wishes He Were Still a Kid

Find Dad in the LEGO bin all the time? Do you have to speak to him about the intensity of living room wrestling? Or throwing balls in the house?

Then he’s highly likely to appreciate this tee. It seems like when you’re a kid all you want to do is grow up. No one telling you what to do. What to wear. Where you can go and when.

But then you grow up and discover that the true freedom was in childhood, despite the rules. Growing up is a “trap” of responsibility, but one that we’re sure no father would trade for the world.

For the Dad of Pre-K Kids and Toddlers

THAT stage! Where kids are always asking, “Why?” And then “Why?” again. Plus one more “Why?” for good measure.

Luckily, we’re parents in a technological age and have an ability to dodge this question like no other generation before: “I don’t know. Google it.”