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Gifts for Game of Thrones Fans

Have a Game of Thrones junkie left on your Christmas list? Have we got a list for you!

All of these items can be found at the HBO Shop, which is currently offering 20% off sitewide.

Note: This post contains spoilers, even for those who have only read the books. Do not read unless you’re already caught up on the HBO series!

Game of Thrones Tees

Whichever powerhouse you support, there’s a tee for you. Most of them are clever and attractive, too. Not something that’s easy to do with novelty products.

We’re only featuring awesome ones.

House Stark


Jon Snow may know nothing, but we know that we’re beyond “Winter is coming.” It’s here, baby, whether you’re staring at your TV or staring out the window.

Rave of Thrones


Possibly one of the most powerful scenes in the entire series was one that hasn’t yet been revealed in the books: Hodor holding the door.

We love that this shirt comes in neon colors. The actor who plays Hodor, Kristian Nairn, also happens to be a DJ who brings Rave of Thrones to cities across the country.

We promise this is a real thing. And that your neon shirt will be perfect for it.

House Targaryen


Whichever house you want to see come out on top, there’s a tee in this same style for it. They all come in house colors and come with the distressed sigil printed off to one side.



It’s pretty hard not to root for Daenerys.  She’s a strong and just leader—and she’s a woman.

If you’ve been wanting a Mother of Dragons tee ever since you saw Drew Barrymore rocking hers, here’s your chance. We’re partial to this red and white version—just be sure to buy it one to two sizes up as it runs small.

We also love the understated Khaleesi tee. If you look closely, you’ll see that the “K” is a dragon’s head and the “I” is the dragon’s tail.

Game of Thrones Drinkware

What would a list like this be without mention of alcohol consumption?

House Lannister


Because we’re pretty sure they drink more than any other house on the show—mostly in wine.

Three-Eyed Crow


Ommegang is a brewery in upstate New York that’s been making Game of Thrones-themed beer for a few years now. Each time a new one comes out, there’s also a commemorative glass that comes with it. This one is for the Three-Eyed Raven, which was a Dark Saison ale.

I’ll just have coffee, thanks.


Good for you! There’s no shortage of coffee mug options in the shop, but we really love this one with the map of Westeros.

Game of Thrones POP! Vinyl Figurines

We’ll have a post with more awesome Funko figurines for you later this week, but for Game of Thrones you’ll want to check out these.

House Tyrell


Oh, man. Margaery. We’re hoping that in the next season she’ll pull a Jon Snow. Because that just wasn’t cool, Cersei.



Best for last! Tyrion is probably our favorite character. Smart, troubled and rogue, but in a good way.