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Get 50% Bonus on Your Next Deposit with EZTrader

investI’m not the savviest of investors but I do dabble in it here and there. I heard about an easy-to-use alternative to online trading, and decided to try it out. I can tell you now, I’m glad I did. EZTrader takes the fear and complication out of trading by investing in binary options. It’s free to register, there are no commissions and you can operate your account in US Dollars, Euros or Pounds – it really is option trading made easy. After a bit of surfing on the EZTrader website, I soon found out that binary options allow you to choose whether a stock price will go up or down by a set expiration time. All you need to do is place your call or put option accordingly.

The best thing about is, you guessed it, how easy it really is. All the information you need is right in front of you on one simple screen, including how the stock is performing and what your winning return may be. provides me with everything I need to know upfront, making my choices that much easier.

If you’re interested, their weekly newsletter provides members with tips and tricks on how to make binary trades earn greater returns and the homepage lists all the latest promotions to help get the most out of your trades. Right now, exclusive to our visitors on, is offering a 50% bonus on deposits in your selected currency.

That is: you deposit $500 you get $250 bonus, deposit $100 get $500 bonus, and deposit $2000 get $1000 bonus.

I can’t express what a great offer this is and what a great time it is to start dabbling in the world of online binary option trading. Get started today with and you won’t ever look back!

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