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Get Ahead of Holiday Decorating!

DIY Advent Calendar 

Update your advent calendar! Use a metallic spray paint to cover an old frame, or find a n inexpensive bulletin board. Create tags using a an online template, or any creative way you wish and pin them on the board. Use your local craft store to find decorative pins. Then hang an ornament with ribbon, which you can remove and put on the tree at the end of each day. Check out your local Walmart for supplies on the cheap!

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DIY Bow Wreath

At your local craft store, like Michael’s, pick up a styrofoam wreath and a bag of bows. If you don’t mind spending a little more, hand pick your  more glamorous bows to create your customized, eclectic look. Then, just glue to your styrofoam wreath! This is one your kids will love to help with!Christmas Bow Wreath

Pretty Pine Cones

Dip pine cones (bought or gathered) in gold paint, OR spray paint. For a contemporary look, don’t dip all the way (to create an ombre look). You can then sprinkle with glitter to make them sparkle. Place the pine cones about your house or in your tree.

Candy Cane Vase

Glue your candy canes to a coffee can or something similar. Tie and glue a ribbon around it. Go traditional with red and white, or playful with colored candy canes. Use this as centerpieces or about the house.

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Chair Bows

A ridiculously easy way to glam up your your dining room is to tie ribbons around the chairs. They don’t have to be expensive fabric bows, but you can use burlap, or even gift wrapping ribbon if you’re on a super-budget. Hang an ornament from the bow for an even more festive look. Get creative!