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Get Expert Advice Before You Prepare The Nursery For Your Child

Birth of a child brings with it its own joys and happiness but it also brings a long list of responsibilities as you need to allocate a large part of your budget to your child’s growing needs. Preparing the nursery for them is one of the first tasks that you have to undertake. It is best to act smartly while you do the nursery otherwise you will have to do all the expenses again within two to three years and this might put a lot of pressure on you.
So go through the following advices from industry experts and get the advantage of transforming the nursery into a toddler or even a teen’s room with minimum efforts:
1. Ensure easy transformation: It is best to avoid themes that are too kiddish or are gender based. Go for unisex themes as you may want your children to share the room. Instead of focusing on the immediate requirement keep in mind the next 10 years.

2. Nature based themes: Nature based themes will not only give a soothing effect on your child’s upbringing but will also teach him to respect and love nature. Get a tree or some cute animals painted on the walls. Keep the colors raging from soft to bright and you can carry over this theme for several years to come.

3. Geometric patterns: Geometric patterns are quite a hit these days and will be so for years to come. Go for coordinated curtains and beddings. You can also try furniture in irregular shapes and sizes.

4. Personalized: You can visit a professional photographer and get large portraits of your child or even your family or you can get your child’s name inscribed across a wall. Both of these themes will ensure that your child develops a sense of belonging with his room and will help in bringing you closer to your child.

5. Asian themes: Asian themes are very popular these days. Get lanterns, silk fans and other paper accessories in soft pastel colors for the nursery. You can visit any online store to get access to great deals on Asian accessories.

6. Stars and moon: This is one of the evergreen nursery themes for children. This theme will surely take your child into his dreams. You can add bold stars even to the ceiling and the wall. There are star themed wallpapers, paints and even glow stickers available in the market.

7. Sailorman: Sea themed nursery is also a good option if you are looking to create a nursery for future use. You can get a big ship painted on one of the walls and do the curtains in sailing prints. Add some matching accessories like an anchor or a small porthole window to add to the effect.

Go through several magazines before finalizing any theme. It is best to start working on this before the arrival of child as you will be having several more important tasks in your hand as that time. While you select the theme for the nursery, it is best to keep it simple and not too trendy. Your child may have different taste upon growing and this may render all your efforts and expenses useless.