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Get Kids Moving With A Morning Routine

Getting the kids out the door and off to school on time seems to be a battle many parents face. When kids wake up late, the rush is on and often that rushing is not only stressful but leads to forgetting things. That means a trip to the school to deliver forgotten homework, lunch, library books and more. Creating a morning routine can help everyone know what is expected and save valuable minutes.

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Creating a routine and sticking to it are two different things. Thankfully there are ways to help kids stick to routines. First off a good alarm clock is essential to starting the day off on time. Some alarm clocks are easy for kids to sleep through or ignore but not the Sonic Bomb. The Sonic Bomb has a dual alarm with pulsating alert lights and loud 113db sonic alert alarm. If that is not enough to wake them, the super shaker vibrating bed unit will. The shaker is placed under the mattress and provides vibration to shake them from their sleep.

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Another good choice for those heavy sleepers is the Umin Runaway Alarm Clock. This traveling alarm clock has wheels and if the snooze is pressed it will jump off the nightstand and roll around on the floor beeping loudly. This durable clock can handle jumps up to 3 feet and comes in multiple color options. This unique clock makes sure that your child it out of bed on time.

Umin Runaway Alarm Clock

If you think either of these alarm clocks might be the answer you are searching for, you can find them on

Once they are out of bed many minutes can be lost deciding what they want to wear. Save that time with the Days of The Week Kids Hanging Closet Organizer. This organizer has six large compartments to hold outfits for the week as well as shoes, supplies and more. Each compartment is labeled with the day of the week to help kids plan ahead. This colorful organizer hangs right on the clothing rod of their closet and will keep kids on track and on time. This organizer is available on

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A great way to make sure they have everything as they head off to school is to create a family message center close to the door. You can use wall bins like this Decorative Metal Wall Basket Sculpture that is stylish and functional with 3 individual storage baskets. You can designate one for each child or for different activities.


By adding a framed chalkboard with hooks for keys and other small hanging items you can create a custom family message center that will keep everyone up to date and organized. There are many other accessories like this you can choose from at

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Mornings are hectic but with a little planning and preparation we can try to make them less frantic on us and our kids. After all we want them to start their day feeling confident and ready to take on the world.

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