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Get Organized With Back to School Pencil Cases

Some kids take to organization like a bird to flight. They thrive off of arranging their school supplies and stacking all of their papers together perfectly.

I was a messy child. Organization wasn’t something I was interested in participating in. As a result, I was constantly losing my homework and projects, and drowning in random paper and school supplies. Looking back, I wish I’d been more organized, because it probably would have made me a better student.


As far as my school supplies went, I had a backpack and a notebook, and everything that didn’t fit neatly into either of those things was left to fend for itself. At the bottom of that backpack lay a spiky pool of pencils, pens, protractors, and every other tool and writing utensil I’d ever owned. How did it not occur to me to use my disorganization as an excuse to ask my parents for a cool Back to School pencil case?


LEGO Hard Pencil Case

Having a pencil case, whether it’s hard or soft, will not only protect your writing tools – it will protect you! Many times, there will need to have a pair of scissors, a compass, or other sharp utensils in your kid’s backpack. The last thing you want is to leave it floating around where it could injure you or your child!

If you only have an array of pencils, pens and erasers, a soft pencil case is probably sufficient. If your kid has anything sharp, grab a hard pencil case like the LEGO style above. You can find the LEGO pencil case at Target, check our Target coupons for discounts!

Zipit-Monster-Pencil-Case-1-e1472373659148-768x421Zipit Monster Soft Pencil Case

A pencil case can also add a lot of personality to your kid’s school supplies. Creative designs like the one above can make school more fun for kids, and encourage them to participate and share with their friends. Imagine reaching into your backpack and pulling out one of these wild pencil cases! In terms of Back to School, there couldn’t be a better ice breaker between new classmates.

See if there is an Amazon promo code, and surprise your Back to School crew with friendly monster pencil cases!

Binder Zip Pencil CaseYoobi Triple Zip Binder Pouch

Some pencil cases are best kept within the covers of a binder or notebook. These aren’t considered pencil cases so mcuh as “pouches,” but their purpose and level of importance is the same. This pencil case – I mean pencil pouch from Target features three different zip compartments, allowing for maximum organization. It also adds a lively dose of color to an otherwise sleepy morning.

Allowing your kids to organize their own school experience (with some guidance, of course) is a great way to give them control and power over their education. If your kid is like me – messy – use these cool pencil cases as an organizational motivator. Look at the patterns! The colors! The monsters! Making school fun is the number one way to help your child succeed. A great pencil case won’t get your kid into college, but it will help them build the organizational skills to get there!